REVIEW- For the Fight by Nora Flite

Book Title - For the Fight
Author - Nora Flite  

Stars - 5
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From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite, the second book in Beyond Blood, a multi-part series.

I shouldn't have let them kiss me.


When I'm near Kite and Jacob, the world shrinks. I ache for their skilled hands and warm tongues. I should be thinking about my revenge, but it's so hard to focus. This is true addiction.

I can't pick a favorite, I want them both.

Maybe I don't have to choose.

Pressed between two seductive men, lost in bliss, everything feels so amazing. Perfect.

Too bad I know it won't last.

I've figured out their plan. Death is waiting for me at the end of this.

Being brave used to be easy. I had nothing left to lose.

Why did they have to go and change that?

Author's Note: Cliffhanger ahead! Part 3 is coming soon. This romantic suspense story contains explicit, erotic scenes and themes of violence/mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable. It is NOT a Love Triangle!




I love the suspense and heat of this series. The first book set the stage and now we are getting to the nitty gritty. Nora Flite is amazing at bringing the reader in and showing us multiple sides to a character. This dark romance is anything but predictable, and the cliffhanger has me begging for the next one. Marina is showing us more about what happened to her family. Jacob has done his homework and the guys are working out a plan. Marina is also learning more about the two men she is falling for, but she is thinking she has what it takes to get revenge. The guys are struggling a little with their feelings for Marina, but they have a code they have lived with and they have never broken that code and may not break it with her. Where does that leave Marina? She is under no illusions about her fate, but she seems to hope so. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens! If you haven't read For the Thrill, grab it and get caught up. This tale of revenge is not to be missed!



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