REVIEW–New Regime (Rune Alexander 5) by Laken Cane

Book Title - New Regime (Rune Alexander 5)
Author - Laken Cane  

Stars - 5
Buy Link - AMAZON

Rune and her people have been taken under the mysterious wing of the Annex, an agency that works toward Other equality.

But with the new regime comes changes and some monstrous enemies the Annex seems to have brought with it.

The crew finds themselves up against a group called the Shop, whose leader cares only about his lab and the monsters he creates there.

But he hasn't been able to build monsters he can use or sell...until now.

Now Rune must follow a path of horror that leads from a little werefox named Megan to a town full of evil in Reverence, Kentucky, and find a way to defeat something worse than blades or guns or bombs.


She can't use her claws on magic.

Can she?

In book five of the Rune Alexander series, Rune must deal with not only the monsters, but the escalating tension between the berserker and Owen, flashbacks from the COS attack, and the fear that she's losing Levi to the chasm of darkness started by Karin Love and deepened by the slayers.

She and her crew will fight with everything they've got to defeat the evil, even if some of that darkness lives inside each one of them.

Because they're Shiv Crew, and that is what they do.




This book was freaking amazing! This series keeps getting better book after book i'm not kidding! So many things going on and the ending omg are you serious?!!! You can't end a book like that noooo.... Laken Cane manages to suck you into the book and have you holding your breath on every word from start to finish and when the story is done it'll blow your mind, wow just wow, I was happy thing didn't go the way I thought they would but at the same time I was like "What?! What?! Are you kidding me?! but... I don't.... understand?" This book will definitely make your head explode to the point where you'll be demanding book 6 RIGHT NOW! that's how freaking awesome this book is and how good a writer Laken Cane is.



Christine gives New Regime (Rune Alexander 5)

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