Review – Prentice and Desiree by Brita Addams

Book Title - Prentice and Desiree
Author - Brita Addams
Publisher - Musa Publishing

Guard your heart. Passion comes with a price.

Lost in grief, Prentice Hyde, the much sought after Marquess of Wycroft, salves his broken heart at the Sapphire Club. He wants love, but finding it presents problems of disloyalty to his dead wife.

Widow Desiree Huntington appears at the Sapphire Club, sees Prentice in action, and presents him with a request so seductive, he finds it difficult to refuse.

As their arrangement progresses, Prentice takes Desiree to the heights of sexual endurance and enjoyment, mires her in passion, and sees a way out of the loneliness that is his life.

But Desiree wants all Prentice has to offer—but his heart.



I write erotic historical and a little contemporary romances, both het and gay romance.

With the closing of Noble Romance, as well as contract terms ending, many of my publications, the vast majority, have reverted to me. As a result, I have a couple of shorts that will not be published again, and a slew of books that need re-editing before they can be republished. I am slowly accomplishing this, but not fast enough to get them all out any time soon.

My gay romance books are available at Dreamspinner, Amazon, Bookstrand and All Romance e-books and other outlets. The first two books in the Sapphire Club series are available on Amazon.

While I'm writing new stories, the older ones must wait their turn.




I loved this second book even more than the first. This series is growing on me and I hope there are more! The characters are fascinating, the setting is romantic, I just loved everything about this book.

Prentice Hyde was a heart breaker. He thought nothing of taking a girl's virginity other than the act itself. He never really invested his heart at all, and that will come to bite him eventually. Desiree wanted to bed the handsome man she had heard so much of from her friends at school. He was supposed to be the prize catch. If she could get him to marry her, that was her plan. She was young but determined and finally got her chance. But when he revealed the fact that he was going into the military, she was dumbstruck. Having been promised to another man, she got caught because the family insisted in a medical exam to prove she was chaste. When she failed, her father wed her to a very much older Mr. Huntington. She spent the next 11 years suffering in misery until his death. She blamed Prentice for not coming to her rescue. Revenge was all she thought of.

Prentice became the Marquess of Wycroft. At one ball, he fell in love with Abby and wed her not too long after. While expecting their first child, she became ill and both her and the child perished. Prentice could not overcome his grief. He was broken, and had no idea how, or if he wanted, to live. Two years later, Desiree came to the club to enact her revenge. He did not even remember her. She wanted to give him the misery that she had lived with. She wanted to cause him pain. But she wasn't ready for things to backfire. Or to realize that she was falling for him. Can Desiree go through with her plan? Can Prentice ever find a reason to live again? This book is full of gripping twists and turns and I could not put it down for a second. This is a really wonderful tale of love and loss, hope and despair. Settle in for a sexy read, it is quite a ride.



Heidi gives Prentice and Desiree

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