REVIEW – Turquoise by Rain Carrington

Book Title - Turquoise
Author -
Rain Carrington  

Stars - 5
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In the mountains of New Mexico lives a group of boys who are inseparable. That is until they grow up and one of them leaves the rez to fulfill his dream.

One of the boys misses him more than the others. A love that started as children grew with him and when Angel Quintana left New Mexico, Garcia Blacksnake had to occupy his time until the love of his life returned. Angel came back when tragedy struck, with secrets he does not want this old friends to know. Secrets about the life he lived as his dreams came true, turning to nightmares he could not run away from.

Can childhood friends help save him from a sadistic man who holds Angel’s dream in his hand? Can Garcia’s love help him to trust himself and others again?


This book ripped me apart. It is an epic tale of love and loss. How the choices we make can have long reaching consequences. It is a beautiful story spanning about 14 years, and the journey two best friends must go on to find themselves. The beauty of their journey, and the struggles, will move you to tears. I loved every second of this book, it has so many good messages in it.

When the story begins, Angel Quintana is a thirteen year old boy struggling with the fact that his mother is marrying his best friend's older brother. Garcia Blacksnake has always been his best friend. They had been together since they were 8 months old, now he was his uncle. That doesn't set well with Angel, and he rebels against the new step dad. He didn't need one, Grandpa had said Angel was the man of the house. Together with their other friends, Hoki, Chris, Jim jam, and Freddy, they would move forward. But Angel had a secret, he loves Garcia, and the night of the wedding, he gave Garcia an earing he had made for him, and something else. When the guys reached graduation, Angel is terrified of telling Garcia he is going off the reservation to go to school in New York. The fall out of what happens between them will taint the next seven years. Angel's time in school is capped by the big show, and the smooth moves of Guy Drake will come to harm Angel in ways he never understood. Only when tragedy strikes the reservation, can Angel see the truth. With the bonds of friendship put to the test, these 6 friends will begin the most important journey of their lives. Angel was their leader, but now the leader needed to be led and it is up to them to open Angel's eyes to what his heart already knows.

This book is so over and above 5 stars. I have not had a day go by since I first glimpsed this story that I haven't thought about these characters. They are all so incredible, it is hard to believe they are not real. Rain did a beautiful job with this book. There are so many great lessons to be had from this, all of them important. But the biggest might be true love is not a stagnant thing, but fluid and growing, changing as the two people change, to be what they need most. This heart warming story should not be missed, this is truly one epic love story.


Heidi Ryan gives Turquoise


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