REVIEW–The Superstar by Patricia Logan

Book Title - The Superstar
Author -
Patricia Logan  

Stars - 5
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Storm Ellison is the sexiest man on two legs. The gorgeous young star of “Trapped on an Island”, the hottest reality show on television, is instantly recognizable the moment he leaves his palatial mansion. Paparazzi follow him everywhere, leaving him no peace or privacy, selling his pictures to the tabloids, and cementing his reputation in the press as a slutty gay playboy. As Storm prepares to sign his first major movie deal, his manager decides he needs protection. What he doesn’t expect, is to be attracted to the cold bastard who’s now running his life.

Balthazar Grant, freelance bodyguard, is a huge, handsome, rough and ready former Marine, trained by the best, and willing to step between Storm and anyone stupid enough to come at him. Always stoic and serious, Taz lends a deadly presence to Storm’s entourage whenever he ventures out in public. Storm doesn’t want a bodyguard, much less one who won’t let him live his fast and loose lifestyle with impunity and he’s certainly not one to be dictated to by an overconfident Marine who has opinions about everything including who he should hook-up with.

When a deadly threat hits Storm’s world, he’s suddenly living his own reality show, only this one has an outcome which doesn’t involve being voted off an island. Will Storm wake up before it’s too late and will Taz be able to fight his attraction to the handsome young superstar while trying to convince him he’s in very real danger? The pair will soon learn that reality is stranger than fiction.


This was the first book I have read from this author and it won't be my last. I loved this book. It has alpha males, a sexy superstar, suspense, romance, story twists. Everything I could want in a great book! The guys are hot, and their relationship is full of sparks. I couldn't get enough!

Storm is the mid twenty, superstar of a T.V. series, and he is on the cusp of becoming a movie star in a big screen gay romance. The press paints him as a spoiled, out of control, player who drinks and does drugs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Okay, he is a player. But he is young and single, and he doesn't have any family since his adoptive parents were killed.

Balthazar Grant, otherwise known as Taz, is a hunky former military guy working as a private body guard. He got into it through some friends, and his buddy has called and let him know of a sweet gig guarding a Hollywood star. The money is great, so he decides to go for it.

Storm is quickly attracted to Taz, but since Taz always wears his mirrored sunglasses and is always formal, he has no idea if the man is gay or not, or what he is thinking about. Storm quickly finds himself questioning what he has been doing with men because he cares what Taz thinks of him. Also, Storm has a hard time trusting people, so he doesn't know how to see his body guard. The only person he really trusts is his best friend, Jules, who has known him before he was famous. Taz is having a tough time because he is wildly attracted to Storm, but he has a job to do. They butt heads a few times before they get to understanding each other. Something is fishy in Taz's eyes in regards to the people around Storm. He has his buddy Rome look into it, and what he finds out has Taz fearing for Storm's safety. Can they work together and stop the threat that is facing Storm? Or will trouble destroy them before they can fix it? Will Taz be able to let his guard down enough to let Storm into his life?

This book is such a great read. I have read it twice already and I know I will be reading it again before long. If you love a hot steamy read with all the fixings of a sexy tale with suspense and unpredictability, then this is a book for you!


Heidi gives The Superstar

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