REVIEW–Adventurous Me by Deanndra Hall

Book Title - Adventurous Me
Author -
Deanndra Hall  

Stars - 4
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Boring. Tiresome. Predictable. That’s how Trish’s husband of almost 30 years described her when he told her he was leaving. Trish sets out to drink her blues away when she literally stumbles onto a man who offers her the adventure of a lifetime. Trish has no idea what she’s walking into when she visits Bliss, the local BDSM club, but under Dave’s tutelage, she takes to the new lifestyle readily.

And when she’s paired for two weeks with Clint, the one Dom in the place who can’t seem to stand her, sparks fly. He keeps her so confused that Trish isn’t sure what’s going on. She’s sure of one thing, however: She’s falling for the handsome, tortured soul, and she’s hoping he’s falling for her.

But when a simple mistake puts her in harm’s way at his hands, Trish has to decide: Is it an adventure worth dying for? And when everything falls apart, can she manage to forgive him? More importantly, can he forgive himself and bury the ghosts that have been haunting him for too long?

Adventurous Me is a fun, sexy, sweet, explicit, romantic romp that’ll leave you breathless and hopeful. And it’s definitely not for the under-18 crowd.

Available in both digital and print.


This was a really good book. Trish goes through an emotional roller coaster during this book wanting to please Clint and have him love her in return. I loved the ending it made me cry I was so happy with the way things turned out and I can't wait to read the following books and see maybe a little more of this couple in the future.


Christine gives Adventurous Me

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