REVIEW–Brie’s Christmas Pearls by Red Phoenix

Book Title - Brie's Christmas Pearls
Author -
Red Phoenix  

Stars - 5
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Brie’s Christmas Pearls (Submissive in Love, #3)

Christmas magic with a little kink…

Brie’s Master has kept something from her that threatens to tear them apart. When confronted, dark emotions are awakened but the couple is part of a tight community that won’t let them fail. Brie believes in the magic of Christmas and plans the perfect gift. Little does she know she’s about to experience some Christmas magic of her own - with a touch of kink.

What happens when condor love collides head-on with Master’s demons? Pearls, naturally...

Adult Reading Material (18+) This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.


In this new series of Brie, the dynamics are changing. The first series was her learning what a submissive is, the second was the beginning of living in a D/s life outside of school. Now in this one, we het to see past the infatuation. Now she is faced with learning how much a submissive can influence the relationship. And how even the best Dom can be as human and flawed as everyone else. She loves Sir, and in this third book in this third series, she gets the chance to be responsible for their happiness. Sir is at odds with himself, drowning a bit in this uncharted area. His hatred for his mother is at odds with his awareness that he cannot control everything. He had removed himself from life before, focusing on the school or his business. But now, he has Brie, and her upbringing was not the dark hate that his was. She may just save him from himself. With help from the always wise Marquis, and with the holiday approaching, Brie might just be able to bring Thane the joy he has denied himself. The subject matter in this book is deeper and heavier than some of the other books, but it is real and true. They are a pair of Condors, and with some holiday spirit, their fierce love will see them through. By doing things for each other, the love they share is hot and beautiful.


Heidi Ryan gives Brie's Christmas Pearls

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