REVIEW–Vincent Book 8 of The Vampires in America by D.B. Reynolds

Book Title - Vincent Book 8 of The Vampires in America
Author -
D.B. Reynolds

Stars - 5
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Sinaloa, Mexico . . . haunting deserts, hot nights, and vampires, who’ve been there for hundreds of years, watching from the shadows, playing their games, manipulating humans, and surviving at any cost.
Vincent Kuxim, powerful and charismatic, was made vampire by an ambitious leader looking for soldiers to pave his way to the rule of all Mexico. But more than a century later, Vincent’s Sire is looking over his shoulder as Vincent closes in for the kill, ready to claim the title Lord of Mexico for himself.
Lana Arnold is a bounty hunter, smart, beautiful, and determined to chart her own future. So when the most powerful vampire lord in all of North America enlists her help in tracking down a very old and elusive bloodsucker, Lana sees nothing but opportunity. There’s only one catch. The client wants her to take Vincent—a vampire she neither knows nor trusts—along on her hunt. Then again, maybe it’s herself she doesn’t trust, because Vincent Kuxim is sex walking in a pair of tight black jeans.
Thrown together by circumstance, Vincent and Lana soon find themselves battling an evil they didn’t know existed in a fight that makes Vincent all the more determined to destroy his Sire, seize Mexico for himself . . . and keep Lana by his side forever.

This is without a doubt my favorite vampire series of all time. Vincent did not disappoint.
FINALLY, someone to take on the Lord of Mexico, but not before an adventure of course. Lana has 2 assignments, one is to find this Vincent and deliver a message and then for him to help her locate a myth and deliver another message, for Raphael.
What is Vincent to do when he receives a message from another, way more powerful Vampire Lord via the very pretty bounty hunter Lana, who seems to be immune to his charms but go along and figure out the puzzle.
As Lana and Vincent embark on their mission it becomes clear that this mission is much more than what it seems on the surface, its also a lot more dangerous.
Now I find myself sitting here, writing this review and wondering just where things can go from here, obviously its going somewhere. Everything in every book in the series has been a work up to something big and I'm dying for the next book to see what that may be.
Even if you don't really care for Vampires, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with Vampires in America.

Drue gives Vincent Book 8 of The Vampires in America

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