REVIEW – Animal Attraction by Angel Payne

Book Title - Animal Attraction
Author - Angel Payne
Stars - 5
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Life’s a jungle.
Nobody agrees with that more than workaholic bioscientist Charlotte Sinclare, struggling as her mind and body are subjected to waves of inexplicable lust for a faceless dream lover. Normally thrilled with journeys into the scientific unknown, Charlotte isn’t amused by this joke—especially upon discovering that the man of her fantasies is Naval MP officer Kaden Tiernan.

Sure, Kade’s a hunk—a fact not ignored by Charlotte three years ago, when her focus on a research expedition was interrupted by a wild crush on the man. But Tiernan made it clear that all he saw in her was a brainy prude, burning any connection they’d share, even as friends.

Only now, their mutual survival depends on them being more than friends. Much more.


Pheromones set free during Charlotte’s experiment have mutated into primal need, turning Kaden Tiernan into a lover Lottie has never dared dream of before. In his kisses, she learns beauty. In his touch, she learns surrender. In his passion, she learns strength.

But none of it is real. The bond is a chemical reaction, nothing more—a truth Charlotte and Kade attempt to accept together, even as fate twines them tighter each day. Can they continue keeping their hearts closed while their bodies tangle? Or is it impossible to seal one’s soul off from love, even if it’s inspired by animal attraction?

Dr Charlotte Sinclare is doing an experiment on the naval base in San Diego using animal, while studying pheromones reactions.months after the experiment is done some of the humans in close proximity to the experiment become affected.Then the trouble begins.... Kaden Tieran and the doc and a love/hate relationship until they are both affected by the pheromones and only they can satisfy each others needs often and frequently!!!!! A hot romantic journey with lots of sex for some and for others.......!! Will the experiment have a happy ending for all? A great read so hoping for book 2!!!

Amy gives Animal Attraction

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