REVIEW – Belladonna’s Submissive 21st Birthday by La Marchesa

Book Title - Belladonna's Submissive 21st Birthday

Author - La Marchesa

Stars - 4

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For Belladonna’s whole life, from a very young age, she, was obsessed with sex. From the time she had her first self-induced orgasm at the tender age of nine, she was consumed with the idea of sex and satisfaction between two people. From the time she turned eighteen, her mammoth sexual appetite seemed to grow.
Now, in college, she takes a job as a nude model for a college sketch class. The professor is a dreamboat and Belladonna wants him bad. She is sure it is just a matter of time and they will become intimate, but after months pass without any overt interest she wonders what the problem is.

Getting desperate, with her twenty-first birthday approaching, she confronts him only to find out he’s a dom and he invites her to celebrate her birthday as a sub in a bdsm session.

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY. This book contains extreme sexual situations




Bella was a woman who loved sex. Did not matter who the partner was as long as she got sex she was in heaven. Bella to me seemed to be a free spirit. She was young and didn't want to waste a moment of her life doing things that bored her. She only dated men for four months and then move onto someone else, that way relationships stayed exciting to her.

She is a free spirit and enjoys life the way she wants and that's with plenty of sex. But a girl needs money. She answers an ad for a model in an art class. The professor is very good looking and she puts on the charm and wants him and her to have sex. But he isn't exactly the normal sexual partner she has normally has had in the past. He is a professional Dom.  She is in for an experiment she will never forgot! Her journey even starts in his classroom on his desk, nothing like getting to be the teachers pet in more ways than one.

Over all this book was enjoyable. I liked the concept of the book. Bella was easy to like, even if she was pretty easy. My problem with this book was I found a few errors. One of the scenes started out good but when something happens that is impossible to do unless you are so flexible that your hands can come around the front of you while your hands are tied behind your  back with packing tape. Not possible, and very unbelievable. That was one of my issues with this book. The other errors are still distracting but that one just ruined the entire part for me.  I will read another book from this author and hopefully the errors will be fewer and the story still has the interest that this one had for me.


Barb gives Belladonna's Submissive 21st Birthday


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