REVIEW – Creative Direction by A. Lee

Book Title - Creative Direction

Author - A. Lee

Stars - 4

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Ryan had thought he and Amy had lost the magic in their relationship, and he’d ended things. Yet to move out his place, the distance that had been between them changed. Having her dressing sexier, and him walking in on her naked, except for a pair of panties, he remembers how good sex had been between them.

A night of passion with Amy shows Ryan that sparks can still fly between them. For now, he couldn’t ask for anything more.











For this being only 15 pages long, the concept of the story kept my interest but I had questions that were not answered. Maybe I just like a little background on my characters and this really didn't have much.

The two main characters Amy and Ryan have been together for awhile and have been living together. Amy had not worked but that was ok with Ryan because he made plenty of money and she was finishing her degree. Ryan had decided to be done with the relationship and asked her to move out but she didn't have any where to go. So she was staying until she had enough money saved from her new job to have a security deposit.  They had been broken up for three weeks and quit having sex, slept in separate bedrooms and put up with each other because Ryan couldn't have the heart to throw her out on the street. Feelings didn't just go away over night.

Amy decided to see if Ryan still had the hots for her and one night she decided to find out. She set a trap and he fell for it. But what would become of them? Would they try one more time and work on the relationship or were they just going to be friends with benefits? Either way Amy was moving out, nothing was going to stop her.

I didn't like the way it ended. Did she move out? Did they try again? Did they have problems before the breakup? Just too many questions I couldn't find the answers too. Besides the questions, I did enjoy the book. The sex was good and hot. I really liked Amy but I really couldn't like Ryan, he just seemed like an ass to me. So why not read this yourself and decide on your own if you like it. If it wasn't for the questions I have, I would have gladly gave it a five star rating!


Barb gives Creative Direction


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