REVIEW – The Chimes of Nine by A.H. Scott

Book Title - The Chimes Of Nine

Author - A.H. Scott

Stars - 5

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A silver etched invitation to an exclusive club leads a woman into a world of enlightenment, excitement and erotic enchantment.

When you've got a golden ticket, you get to take a chocolate ride to Willy Wonka's.

When you get a silver ticket to this factory of fantasy, you are pampered in pleasure's delights..

This is the second book I have read by this author. The more I read by this author the more I love the writing.
Helen received a silver invitation to an exclusive club that deals in the aspect of sex and making the recipients of the special invitation getting a night they will never forget.

Not only is this story erotic and so very sexy but it does give you a place to lose yourself in and pretend that maybe you could be that woman who was special enough to receive that silver invitation. Silver invitation means you are in for the ride of a lifetime and you nor your body will ever forget. So very sexual. 

I am hooked on A.H. Scott's writing and can't wait to read another one. To have a mind that can open up a whole new world on paper and make the reader experience exactly what Helen was feeling in every aspect is what I look for in the books I read and this is one that I will not forget.

Barb gives The Chimes Of Nine

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