REVIEW – In Sophia’s Eyes by A.H. Scott

Book Title - In Sophia's Eyes

Author - A.H. Scott

Stars - 5

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In Sophia’s eyes, Dale was the love of her life. Sophia always had a penchant for bad boys. And, Dale fit that mold of the rebel to it’s fullest. Motorcycle, leather jacket and muscles were Dale’s calling card of seducing sexy Sophia.

Sophia was bubbly and bright. Dale was a bit darker in character. Many saw them as two opposite to be attracted to one another. Yet, as they say – opposites attract.

A.H. Scott shows you love “In Sophia’s Eyes”.

Those who are not able to see the heart will be blind to the soul. ….

This is the first book that I have read that was done in a poem like story. It's a love story between two people by the name of Sophia and Dale.

It starts out how Sophia meets Dale and how she loved the way people look at them while they are walking down the street. They met at ballroom dancing lessons. Moved in together after only seven dates. When you know it's right why waste time, just move forward.

Sophia planned a sexy evening for Dale. She cooked a delicious meal while wearing a very sexy outfit. Sophia was hoping for Dale to unwrap her for dessert.

The story tells how the night progress's with Dale and Sophia loving each other. The way the author describes the scene between these two makes me smile. You can feel the love between these two special people who just happen to take the same dancing class. They found each other in this huge world where some people can't find anyone to love them for who they are not what they are. The last line in the book made me smile and think about the entire story over and over again. Some people would wonder how this love match could possibly work between these two. But if it's meant to be, then it will work and it's always worth putting all your effort into something that makes you happy.

The last line was "For Sophia was a woman. And, as for Dale, so was she. It doesn't matter who is what sex to me. Everybody deserves love and just because they may be different does not mean they are not worth the effort or time. Dale and Sophia make each other happy and that is what counts, in a world that happiness is not always found. Love each other Dale and Sophia because this girl is in your corner.

Barb gives In Sophia's Eyes

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