REVIEW – Starting Over by Marteeka Karland

Book Title - Starting Over

Author - Marteeka Karland

Stars - 5

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Scarlet is on the run. In fear for her life, she flees her boyfriend's bookies and goes into hiding. Fortunately, her best friend has given her a copy of a want ad. It seems an elusive weapons designer -- one suspected of murder -- is in need of a housekeeper. Throwing caution to the wind, Scarlet decides taking a chance at a new job is better than being homeless and freezing to death, so she braves the lion inside his lair. How intimidating could a science geek be, anyway?
Logan knows intimately what it's like to want to escape his past. When his colleagues died because of his weapons, he locked himself away more effectively than if he'd been put in prison. Then Scarlet enters his life.

Both need to heal. Both need comfort. But can either find the courage they need to start their lives over?


Scarlet had decided thanks to her friend at work that showed her a want ad for a housekeeper that was her way to get away from her creep of a boyfriend Mick. Mick had her stealing for him because he had gotten himself into some gambling debts and if he didn't pay them back then he was dead. He needed her to stay alive.

Scarlet ran and ended up on the land of Logan Reinhart, who was looking for a housekeeper. Scarlet camped out on the edge of his land in the dead of winter and with a storm reading to drop even more snow. Before she lost all the nerve, she rang the door bell and a gorgeous species of a man answered the door with a gruff voice that she could listen to any day all day.

The way that Logan treated Scarlet right from the beginning touched my heart. Logan could tell Scarlet was running from something or someone and Logan didn't want her as a housekeeper, he wanted her as his girl. He wanted to take care of her, keep her from harm and just make her feel safe.  Everyone has secrets in their life that they regret doing or something like that. Logan had a bad history which he had kept to himself in the woods at his cabin. He was tired of being lonely and then Scarlet shows up looking like a homeless person and needing someone to take care of her, and Logan already knew that would be him.

This story has a gal who has no self esteem, thinks she is not worth loving and feels so bad because of all the things she has done in her past but Logan is fighting his own demons and when they both tell each other of their problems, that is where I felt the connection and knew Logan would always be there no matter what the problem was. They need each other to heal each other's heart. This is a very well written story and the only thing I probably would have liked to know more about was Scarlet and Mick's past. A little more background would've helped me in knowing Scarlet a little better. But otherwise this is a great book to read!

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