REVIEW – Take A Chance by Brodie Storm

Book Title - Take A Chance

Author - Brodie Storm

Stars - 4

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Raven is desperately looking forward to a weekend away with the girls. Much to her surprise she finds out that her best friends Mage and Morgan have set her up with a very sexy roommate for the weekend. It’s about to get very steamy if Raven will only...Take a Chance


Raven was looking forward to going away with the girls to a cabin in the woods and just spend some quality girl time together. But things change during a year. Raven's best friend Mage got married and another friend was engaged, so instead of just a girls weekend Mage invited others like her husbands brother Chance. Raven didn't remember Chance at the wedding because she was drunk and she met quite a few people at Mage's wedding.

At the cabin when Raven finally meets Chance again, the memories come back to the wedding and her making lewd propositions to this guy who was of course Chance. He also reminded her exactly what she had said and it took restraint to not take her up on her offer of watching her masturbate. Back then he was being a gentleman but this weekend if she would offer, he was jumping at the chance.

This is kind of a cute book. We all have gotten drunk, made mistakes, and done things to the opposite sex, figuring you won't ever see them again. But life has a way of throwing you off track and I think the universe has a sense of humor because things like this do happen in real life. I like the way Chance and Raven sit down and just starting talking about nothing of real importance but then it kind of turned into more than just talking. When Chance reminded her of her offer at the wedding, I am not sure if jumping into bed together would have happened but it was hot. The other part I really liked was when they were talking about if they had boyfriend or girlfriend and Chance said yes he had someone and he met her at his brothers wedding and helped a flower girl up who had fallen. I could just see Raven's mouth drop open when she realized he was talking about her. That was a very sweet moment in the book. I also laughed at the ending.

So if you want a book that does have a situation that would happen in real life and a very hot sex scene, then you will want to read this book. The characters are easy to like and you will want to keep reading until the end!

Barb gives Take A Chance


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