REVIEW – DungeonCrawl 4: Resurrection Point by Mychael Black

Book Title - DungeonCrawl 4: Resurrection Point

Author - Mychael Black

Stars - 4

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Elijah Burrows and his lover, Sarin Eckhert, are off to do the unthinkable: defile a shrine to Laenasse -- the lupine goddess of Sarin's order. Sarin believes Laenasse will protect him, and Elijah prays the mage is right. But it may take a lot more to protect them both when Mirov discovers the truth.

With war looming over their heads, and a king hellbent on destroying all of Sarin's kind, Elijah is forced to make decisions that no man should ever have to make.







Dungeon Crawl: Resurrection Point by Mychael Black was a short read that was entertaining. While most people are hesitant to read books dealing with m/m, I find that sometimes their stories are more apt to draw you in.

While this story is not a romance about m/m per se, the main characters are men that are in love. They are doing their part in getting rid of a brutal leader that has stolen the throne. I liked the way that they took a guy in under their wings that was scared to state his sexuality.

I give this book 4 stars because it was an interesting story plot and I hope that there will be more to these characters. I am curious as to whether they succeed in their mission or lose the battle.


Deborah gives DungeonCrawl 4: Resurrection Point


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