REVIEW – Sword of Fate by Richard C. White

Book Title - Sword of Fate

Author - Richard C. White

Stars - 4

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I always knew this day would come.

After years of tracking down rumors and clues, I finally have caught up with my old fiancee. However, there's not going to be anything romantic about this reunion. Especially since she's enlisted the aid of a band of mercenaries, a powerful sorcerer, and an ancient being of pure malevolence to help her destroy everything and everyone I love.

Me? I've got a few allies of my own----a shield maiden, a shape changer, and a smart-aleck snow demon. Oh, and I have a mystic sword that's almost guaranteed to kill me the first time I use it.

Most people would say the odds were not on my side.

I'd say it's a pretty typical day.






Sword of Fate by Richard White was a great read that had the main character learning that he is a better man than what he thinks he is. He sees himself as rouge; others see him as a hero. He will have to learn to work with others in order to save the love of his life and her village. One of his allies just so happens to be the enemy of his fiancé’s village.

I quite enjoyed this story even though it was not very long. It was easy to visualize the characters and find yourself rooting for them. I give this book 4 stars and I hope that I will see more about these characters. I have no problem recommending this book to those that like this genre.


Deborah gives Sword of Fate


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