REVIEW – The Magic was in the Chocolate by Kiki Howell

Book Title - The Magic was in the Chocolate

Author - Kiki Howell

Stars - 5

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Sick of being stuck in the friend zone, David works a sex spell to open his long time friend’s heart to true love. With every aspect of the evening strategically planned, he invites Danielle over for a movie and pizza. His heart on the line, he places his bets on a cake made with spelled chocolate. But, can a little indulgence make all his dreams come true, or will his confession about the magic he used shatter his future?

This was an awesome read! Why wouldn't it be, it had chocolate in the story lol.
This was about two friends who were there for each other since being school age. They told each other everything, called each other when one needed reassurance from a broken relationship. Best friends sums up their relationship.

David was in love with Danielle and had been for quite some time. So he decided to do a love spell that involved chocolate cake. This was suppose to open Danielle up to love and hopefully David will find out if she loved him. Danielle had so many bad relationships that she had built a wall around her heart and was determined never to let a guy get close enough to hurt her again.

I loved the fact that Wiccan religion was hinted at by the way of the goddess and god. Two people who were best friends and had feelings for each other but so afraid to admit those feelings because both were afraid that getting involved romantically would ruin the friendship they both held so dear. This happens in life all the time. One minute you have a great relationship with your bestie and then all of a sudden it hits you like a brick, you love your bestie for more than just your best friend. This is how I my husband and I ended up together. Great friends and now we are married going on twenty years. Probably would have been easier with a love spell. But as everyone knows love spells don't work and some could back fire.

This author has a way of writing that makes her character jump off the page and right into your mind. David was so easy to like because he only wanted the girl of his dreams and was willing to risk their friendship and Danielle being upset when she finds out he did a love spell. Danielle is a lot like me. Built a big wall around my heart and swore no guy would ever get near that heart again. I was so wrong. Life has a plan for all of us and no matter what you try to protect your heart, life has a way of throwing your plans to the wind and lets love wiggle it's way into your life and heart.

Barb gives The Magic was in the Chocolate

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