REVIEW – Peppermint Twist: Naughty, Naughty by Lily Vega

Book Title - Peppermint Twist: Naughty, Naughty

Author - Lily Vega

Stars - 5

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Zed doesn't understand why Santa only gives presents to nice girls. He's crafted a special sex toy for Joy, the naughtiest girl on Santa's list. Instead of coal, he hopes to put his new invention into her stocking -- repeatedly. But Maisy wants Zed and his new toy all to herself...



















Zed can't understand why Santa only gives the good people presents and the naughty ones only get coal. Zed thinks everyone should get a present no matter if you are naughty or nice. Zed has a crush on a very naughty girl by the name of Joy Lang. She is an adult porn star and she gets his engine running. So he makes her a very long wooden candy cane that is suppose to be used as a sex toy and when she uses this toy, that she will think of him each and every time. Now just to keep it a secret and get it delivered without Santa or anyone else finding out.

Maisy is an elf that has a major crush on Zed and is willing to help him get this toy to Joy. That way if she helps him deliver this package to Joy, maybe Maisy can beat this Joy up and tell her that Zed is hers and hers only. Maisy so wants to be with Zed but nothing has worked so far to get him jealous or even to notice her.

This story was cute. Sort of a three way love triangle between Zed and Joy and Maisy. Except Maisy can't get the attention she wants from Zed, so a girl must do what a girl must do. This story is a love story but not in our world but the world of elf's who help Santa Clause make all the boys and girls happy. I love the characters, they seem so real and what is happening to these elfs, does happen to us. But even though Maisy is in love with Zed, she is still willing to help him deliver his present to Joy. It's hard to watch the elf you want, when that elf wants someone else. Then you have one elf who is always after Maisy and will try everything to get Maisy to do something with him. This particular elf doesn't seem right in the head but he made me laugh too.

This book had everything I love in a story. It has love, a girl in love with a guy who just doesn't see her that way because he is so interested in another girl. But I have learned sometimes love can be right here in front of me and if I didn't look at the right time, I would have missed my true love. You don't have to always go looking all over to find happiness, sometimes happiness is right in front of you. This is a great Christmas Story and yes the sex scenes are very hot!! Give it a chance, hope you have a cold glass of water handy. You just may need it to put out the fire coming off the pages.


Barb gives Peppermint Twist: Naughty, Naughty

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