REVIEW – Peppermint Twist: A Reckless Gift by Ayla Ruse

Book Title - Peppermint Twist: A Reckless Gift

Author - Ayla Ruse

Stars – 5
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Rec thrives on command. Lacy, chaos. When the two come together, they burn bright as the North Star...

Novella, Erotic Romance, Christmas, elves, magic, m/f
Reckless, known only as Mr. Rec, is an elf known for following the rules and toeing the line. He has a rocky past and order ensures him a safe and secure future. That is, until he steps in as the department head in the Otherworld Weapons Gift Department in the North Pole. Here he meets an elf who threatens to push all his boundaries.

Lacy loves her job as a leather crafter. The day Mr. Rec comes in to take over, however, is the day her world starts falling apart. How can she want the very elf who makes her madder than hell?

Reckless who is only known as Mr. Rec is an Elf that follows rules and doesn't stray from them. Playing it safe is the only way for Rec to go. He can't trust himself to do anything else.  But when he gets to take over the as the department head in the Otherworld Weapons Gift Department things don't go so easy. It's hard to be a good level headed boss when one elf pushes his buttons to the point of losing control. Lacy pushes his buttons in more way than one. She makes him so mad that he can't see straight but she also has this effect on him that makes him want to just throw her on a surface and make her obey him over and over again. In order to save his sanity, Lacy has to go to some other area!
Lacy is good at what she does. She is one of the best crafters for Santa. She is in charge of crafting demon leather. She is great a her job and certain demons only want her work. But when Rec takes over as department head, he takes her out of his department and puts her in the department for making wooden bells for humans. She hates doing this kind of job, so she figures getting away from working for Santa and Rec, she needs to start her own business so she can be her own boss.  But she is so attracted to him and it is driving her crazy.
I have to say Reckless and Lacy have a love hate relationship and I really enjoyed how they drove each other completely insane. I also liked that sex wasn't the only story line in this book. The way the author brought Reckless and Lacy's strange relationship to the fore front and then . sex came into play. Even though they couldn't keep from making each other crazy, they also couldn't stop wanting each other despite their differences. Yes the sex scenes were hot and so enjoyable and I love good sex between characters but I loved how the author showed us how hard it was for Rec to refrain from getting out of hand with Lacy because he didn't want to hurt her or scare her for that matter. I can't say enough about this story and the author. Buy it and decide your own thoughts but I think you will enjoy it just as much if not more. I have to say I look at elves a whole different way now!

Barb gives Peppermint Twist: A Reckless Gift

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