REVIEW – Stewart Realty Trilogy by Liz Crowe

Book Title - Stewart Realty (trilogy)

Author - Liz Crowe

Stars - 4

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"NOTE: Stewart Realty Anthology: The Jack and Sara Trilogy - The first three books in the Stewart Realty Series together for the first time in one complete book - ""Floor Time,"" ""Sweat Equity,"" ""Closing Costs""
Stewart Realty: Life in the House Lane

Love is an easy word to use, a hard one to demonstrate, and sometimes impossible to trust.

The Stewart Realty series is a sweeping epic, encompassing many years in the lives of two people who know how to love with their bodies, how to please and get pleasure, to control and be controlled. When it comes to the deeper meaning of the one word they both need, backgrounds and personalities get in the way. While their physical connection sizzles they somehow manage to continuously disappoint one another on an emotional level.

Jack Gordon has it all—money, success, a string of women—but also a deep longing for something more. When he thinks he finds it with Sara Jane Thornton, his world is never the same again. Sara releases a side of himself he considered buried out of frustration and unhappiness. Sara soon learns that she must trust him implicitly, something she cannot do, no matter how many times she tries...and he fails.

With a rich cast of secondary characters, including a young man who presents a near-perfect foil to Jack's intensity, and who falls hard for Sara, The Stewart Realty series is a saga with an emphasis on contemporary life with a healthy dose of realistic eroticism. A tale of modern, busy, driven people seeking the ever-elusive and highly coveted combination—a friend, lover and trusted companion who will be there for the long haul.

Start at the beginning, with the Jack and Sara Trilogy, now for the first time ever in a print anthology. The Stewart Realty series is a best seller in family saga and urban fiction categories. See for yourself what the buzz is all about."

I read all three books together and I'm glad I did as I loved that one ran into the next and the next. I got a bit frustrated with these books but in a good way, as just when I thought all was peachy, the story would change. I liked that as it wasn't a predictable story. Sara was slightly annoying but I  enjoyed reading all about her, her family and friends and her past. I must admit, I now how a little book crush on Jack, he is a really loveable character and the saucy sex scenes are hot! They definitely have chemistry between each other. I enjoyed  the third book the most as it included a lot of the other characters that had been mentioned but not really written about in great details.


Lorraine gives Stewart Realty (trilogy)


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