REVIEW–Alchemy xxi–January (The Alchemy Series #1) by Tamsin Flowers

Book Title - Alchemy xii - January (The Alchemy Series #1)

Author - Tamsin Flowers

Stars - 5

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At five past midnight on New Year’s Day, Olivia Roux formally signed up to Harry Lomax’s Alchemy xii submissives’ training program—and in so doing earned herself her first punishment. Harry had demanded her answer by midnight. But was that small infringement by accident or on purpose? Now, as Harry gives Olivia her first taste of what to expect from Alchemy xii, Olivia discovers a whole new world of forbidden pleasures.

As she’s initiated into the program, Harry gives her a diary.

“It’s for you to write down exactly what happens at Alchemy. And, more importantly, your feelings about what you’re going through. Things that were good and things that upset you or scared you or that you didn’t like. No one else will read it but you…” said Harry.

Olivia is fascinated by Alchemy and all that occurs there—and she’s as fascinated by Harry as he is by her. He may be her Dom, but it’s not only his domination of her body that draws her to him. However, she also quickly learns that actions have reactions and her behavior may have unseen consequences.

How will she cope as Harry steps up his demands for her submission? After all, Olivia has been captain of her own life and her own body for as long as she can remember. One thing is certain, submission isn’t going to come easily to a woman as high-powered as she is.

This is the second book in this series and it starts right where the first one leaves off.

Harry gave Olivia a diary to write in what happens in her training as a submissive and how everything feels and how things make her feel. She is having trouble with keeping her smart mouth shut because all her mouth does is get her into big big trouble.

Harry isn't sure if Olivia will make it to the end of the training period but he just can't send her away. There is something about her that makes him need her, want her, just can't get enough of her. He hid all his tension or at least tries. Not only is he attracted to her but he may start having feelings for her.

I honestly love the relationship between Harry and Olivia. They don't know what to do with each other. Olivia is only doing this training because she wants and needs to be near Harry, no matter the cost. Olivia keeps imagining her and Harry becoming a couple but Harry doesn't do relationships well and never has. He has no plan on becoming a couple with a smart mouthed submissive who he just can't get out of his head. I can't wait to see where this goes between the two of them. Will Olivia ever learn to keep her mouth shut when needed or is this the beginning of the end for the both of them?
Oh how I hate waiting for the next installment! But at least it gets them safe.

Barb gives Alchemy xii - January (The Alchemy Series #1)

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