REVIEW–Halloween Desires by S. E. Isaac

Book Title - Halloween Desires

Author - S. E. Isaac

Stars - 5

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He was everything a woman would want in and out of the bedroom, or so Adrienne imagined. Watching him from across the gym every day, and as they crossed each other’s paths, she dreamed what it’d be like to be pressed against his skin.

She was new to the skinny world, and still locked inside her timid shell. Being asked by her mysterious crush to his Halloween party, she has to decide whether to follow her desires or miss out on all the pleasure she could have at his hands.

Adrienne used to be a good size girl, as in heavy weight wise. Since she has lost the weight, she looks very sexy and fantastic but she still see's herself as heavy.  She lives with her best friend Jenny who is not a real good friend. She is spacey and out for herself and forgets that Adrienne really needs a friend and Jenny isn't there at all. They went out together to shop for Halloween costumes for Jenny's work party but Adrienne gets a text saying she has found a new guy and she is going to nix the party. Which means Adrienne doesn't want to go because it's Jenny's work party not hers. So Adrienne goes to the gym to work out and see's the one guy her and Jenny are always drooling over from afar. Adrienne has always wanted to try and talk to him but she hasn't had the nerve to do it.

Derrick has noticed Adrienne at the gym but she is always with her friend. It's like they are attached at the hip. Every time he goes to talk to Adrienne, her friend intercepts and starts talking to him. Her friend has told him that Adrienne is engaged and isn't interested but of course Jenny is always interested. But Derrick is not interested in Jenny, only Adrienne. He knows all about Adrienne. Knows that she has a secret blog under a totally different name , where she tells about all her fantasies. Oh what fun they could have together.

I understand where Adrienne can't see herself except still heavy and no one would be interested in her.  So when you get a gorgeous guy showing interest in you, you wonder why he is showing interest in someone like you. Derrick isn't like any other guy. The more she spends time with him, the more she finds out about him. He owns his own company and has a big beautiful house. Derrick is starting to have feelings for her. He starts doing trying to make her fantasies come true. He seems like a great guy and all he has to do is prove to her that he is that special guy she is looking for all her life. I loved the ending.  Can't wait for more.

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