REVIEW–Broken by Ryanne Anthony

Book Title - Broken
Author - Ryanne Anthony
Stars - 4
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A family in pain, desperate to find out what is ripping apart their once tight knit group, turns to therapy for answers... but, as the four hour session moves ahead, more and more secrets are revealed. Will these secrets rip this family apart forever? Can therapist Victoria Walmsley-Fields, lead them back to each other and the peace and happiness they once enjoyed as a family?

First off, I think I would give this book a 4+ star rating. It is a very interesting look at a large family through the very pointed lens of the therapist. I am still overwhelmed by what can be explored through this direction of story telling. I would have to rank this as my most surprising read of the year. This has to be the most creatively written book on the market. If you like being blown away by a book, grab it and dig in. You may need to draw up a couple of family trees so you can follow who belongs to whom, but it is worth the time.
This story begins around a young married woman named Mandy who's husband cheated on her, resulting in a child after a "one night stand". When her therapist, Vicky, decides to bring in all 18 grown family members from the two families, sparks and tears fly. What starts out looking like a wandering hubby, turns into a healing of many family skeletons. By working towards understanding what really happened to Joshua, the whole gang delves into their darkest fears, their wounded souls, and a lot of misunderstanding. It is a heart warming tale of family dynamics and love. The journey these characters go on is not for the faint at heart, but it is worth the trip. Wound expertly through the tale is the lessons of being open and honest with those who matter to you, love with your whole heart, and it is never too late for a fresh start. I found this book to be incredibly open, fresh, and fascinating and I am looking forward to see what else this author has written. It has also confirmed what I already knew-It is always a joy to stumble upon a newer author. You might just find some brilliant new reads to enjoy.

Heidi Ryan gives Broken

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