REVIEW–Flamingo Blues by Sharon Kleve

Book Title - Flamingo Blues

Author - Sharon Kleve

Stars - 5

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Corny Myers has a unique psychic ability; she can communicate with animals.

In the pursuit of the perfect Christmas getaway in Victoria BC; Corny steals a tour bus; returns a flock of stolen flamingos to their favorite lake; buys Steve, her tough-as-nails Seattle cop boyfriend, front row seats to the Cirque du Soleil; and she gets a bright and shiny new key.



This is such a wonderfully cute Christmas story that has animals and a gal by the name of Corny Myers who can talk to animals. She holds conversations with all animals. This story has  who want a Christmas wish and since Corny can understand them, she sets out to put the plan in motion to be like Santa and make their wish comes true.

Corny has been able to understand animals for most of her life and she is so kind hearted that she tries to help any animal that needs her help. She is in love with a wonderful guy by the name of Steve who is a tough as nails Seattle cop with a very romantic trait. Since both are always so busy they decide to take a Christmas Getaway weekend to spend quality time together. This is where the flamingo's come into play. They were taken from their home and want her help in getting them back to where they belong.

The authors description of things as they happen made me laugh and smile. I would be just like Corny because I love animals and would want to help any and all who would ask me for help. Corny is lucky because her boyfriend Steve knows of her gift of hearing and talking to animals, and he is behind her 100 percent. Steve doesn't think it's weird that she can talk to animals because it's a part of Corny and he loves her very much. So he lets her do her thing with the animals and she just can't tell the flamingo's no even though she is on what is suppose to be a romantic weekend and if she can help the flamingo's then she can get back to the weekend with Steve.

So sit back and be prepared to smile and laugh because this book will make you do that and more. I can't wait to read more from this author!

Barb gives Flamingo Blues


  1. Hi Barb,

    I'm so glad you liked Flamingo Blues. It is one of my first books that I wrote. I just finished writing the 5th book in the series. It will be out later this month, called Valentine Promise. If you'd like to read it I would be happy to send you a copy.

    Thank you,

    1. I would be honored to read Valentine Promise! I love these stories! I am planning on reading all that you have out, that's how much I really enjoy them. Just let me know when you want to send it. I am on facebook also.

      Thank you