REVIEW–Savannah and Martin at 219 Harper’s Cove (Harper’s Cove book 4) by Deanndra Hall

Book Title - Savannah and Martin at 219 Harper's Cove (Harper's Cove book 4)

Author - Deanndra Hall

Stars - 5

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Welcome to Harper’s Cove! It’s a welcoming little place, after all, a street lined with beautiful homes, well-manicured lawns, and upscale vehicles in cobblestone driveways. It looks idyllic.
But there’s a fox in the hen house.
Savannah and Martin McIntosh have a lot of friends – couple friends. And when Savannah drags out the fishbowl for the keys, everyone gets excited. They certainly should. Once the ladies have chosen a set of keys, they get to spend the night with the owner of the keys. It’s a swinger’s paradise.
Until the nosy neighborhood drunk, Gloria, notices a man leaving Savannah and Martin’s house on Saturday morning, then sees Martin coming in later. And, of course, as the self-appointed neighborhood watchdog, Gloria feels it’s her sworn duty to find out what’s going on. She’s absolutely, positively sure that everyone in the neighborhood is doing something wicked and dirty, and she’s out to find out what, even though her poor, long-suffering husband, Russell, says he’ll send her back to rehab if she doesn’t leave the neighbors alone.
Leave them alone? Not a chance. She wants to know what they’re up to, but they won’t make it easy on her.
Or maybe they will. Too easy.
The Harper’s Cove novellas are fast, fun reading with more kink than a cheap garden hose. Catch up with the neighbors, find out what kind of fun they’re having, and watch as they try to foil Gloria and keep their privacy intact. It’s a crazy ride!

This series is so much fun! I love the characters that live on this street and the sexy fun they get into. This one focuses on Savannah and Martin, who are swingers that get together with a group of couples every other Friday. The men put a set of keys in a fishbowl and the ladies get to pick. Whoever's keys they draw goes home with them for the night. They have a new couple joining them, and the women are more than happy about the new duo. Only one thing could ever wreck their sexy swinging fun. The nosy as all get out neighbor Gloria who tries to get in everyone's business. Gloria figures that it is up to her to protect the street from anything hinky. Between drinks, she sticks her nose in everyone's business, going so far as ambushing them when they get home to spying through their windows. She may have met her match in the MacIntosh's. Savannah approaches two of the other neighbor ladies to let them know what she is going to do. They sign off on it and in the mean time, all 3 realize that the others are living as sexy a life as they are! Poor Russell, Gloria's husband, threatens to send her to rehab if she doesn't lay off being a busybody and all around pest to the other neighbors. Friday night approaches, and if the hot swinger sex doesn't entice you, seeing what they do to Gloria is worth the 99 cents. This book is a turning point in the series and I have loved every page! I cannot wait to see where this goes next! Deanndra Hall is a must read author and this novella length series is the perfect pick me up between novels. Although they can be read as a stand alone, I would recommend reading them in order for the full effect. These little books have more hot kinky sex than most full length novels and they are the best steamy fun you can have in an afternoon. Grab one and a towel and enjoy!

Heidi gives Savannah and Martin at 219 Harper's Cove (Harper's Cove book 4)

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