REVIEW–On a Hot Summer Night by Lisa Darling

Book Title - On a Hot Summer Night

Author - Lisa Darling

Stars - 5

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Doctor Richard Mason is alone and bored one hot summer night when he decides to take a jaunt down to Tony's Bar to cool off. Little does he know things are about to get a whole lot hotter when a redheaded vixen sets her sights on him for a lustful one night stand. Waking in the morning wanting more, at the very least to know her name, he wonders if this is the end of a very sultry night or just the beginning of things to come.

This was a very quick read but had enough suspense to keep me turning the pages until the very end.
Doc decided to go down to the local bar and have a drink or two. The place wasn't all that crowded but there was one woman in the corner that was so gorgeous that you just couldn't quit looking. But you never know who you will pick up in a bar let alone know if you will make it out alive or not.

The suspense and mystery is awesome in this book. You just don't know what will happen next. Very hot sex and you can almost hear cheesy music playing in the background. The woman has an air of mystery but she sure wants the Doc for the night and even brings her own drinks to the party. Something to help relax them both and really let them feel good for the night.

The author has a way of making her characters come to life right from the words on the pages. You want to know more about this woman. This isn't her first time picking up a guy in the bar and getting what she wants from him. But what is her plan and is it good or bad?

Give this book a read and you won't be disappointed if you like hot sex and a little mystery and suspense. I will be reading more from this author in the future.

Barb gives On a Hot Summer Night

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