REVIEW–Peppermint Twist: Lick This by B J McCall

Book Title - Peppermint Twist: Lick This

Author - B J McCall

Stars - 5

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Faith hates Christmas. She hates peppermint, too, but every Christmas morning she finds a stocking stuffed with candy canes hanging from her fireplace mantel. This Christmas she's determined to catch the culprit.

It's Norr's job to help Faith regain her Christmas spirit. So far, he's failed to tempt her with peppermint candy canes. This year is his last chance. One lick isn't all he wants, but it's a start. What's an Elf to do?



Faith has hated for Christmas since she was a little girl. She won't get a tree, she doesn't even spend Christmas with family. She hates everything about the holiday. Norr is in charge of trying to get Faith's Christmas spirit back because if he can't then Santa see's her as a totally hopeless cause and will write her off as never getting that spirit back.

I could relate to Faith on a personal level because her reasons for hating this holiday make sense to me. Having Christmas ruined as a child does make it hard to get excited when you are an adult. I also felt sorry for Faith because she just couldn't see past her hurt and she was in turn hurting everyone close to her by not being a part of the traditions her family have always had way back when. Christmas is hard for most people whether or not we admit it or not.  So I really understood Faith on many levels.

Norr was a trip! Not to mention a very sexy hot elf. He has humor which helped me love him even more. But he really cares about Faith in more ways than one. He tries very hard (no pun intended lol) to keep his mind on the task of helping restore Faith's spirit of Christmas but the heart wants what it wants no matter the task at hand.

I don't read holiday stories very much but I am so glad I read this one. I laughed all the while feeling the true meaning of Christmas come out through the pages. Yes there is hot sex but it's done in a tactful caring way between these two characters. If I had an elf like Norr trying to get my Christmas spirit back, I sure wouldn't be hating the holiday, I would look forward to this holiday every year!! This book is a wonderful quick read and it brought some of my holiday spirit back. Give it a read and enjoy a different way of celebrating this particular holiday!

Barb gives Peppermint Twist: Lick This

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  1. Dear Barb:

    Thank you for posting a review of Lick This. I am so pleased you enjoyed the story.