REVIEW–The Incredible Mr. Black by Rachel E. Rice

Book Title - The Incredible Mr. Black

Author - Rachel E. Rice

Stars - 4

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When Maximilian Blackstone's erotic gaze washed over Alex, he disappeared into her body.
Recent college graduate Alexander Bishop accepted a position at Blackstone Enterprises, where she was mesmerized by the handsome, thirty-something billionaire Maximilian Blackstone who is into bondage and S&M. Unable to accept his lifestyle, she leaves Blackstone Enterprises only to return three years later for revenge disguised as a blond BDSM enthusiast to satisfy Max’s every need. Will Max learn Alex’s real identity before she becomes entangled in the S&M lifestyle?

The incredible Mr. Black by Rachel E. Rice is a pretty good story about opposites attract. Love at first sight and revenge is the name of the game in this book.  I like the story even though I sometimes have a hard time following the thought process of Alex as she plots revenge against Mr. Black.

It is a hard pill to swallow when you give your heart to a man only to have him leave you with nothing but a note on the pillow. That is what happened to Alex and she sets out to get revenge in an unusual way.

I give this book 4 stars. I know this book is only the first of the series and I am hoping that the next book is just as interesting as this one. The characters are entertaining even if sometimes they leave you scratching your head in wonderment.

Deborah gives The Incredible Mr. Black


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