REVIEW–Unexpected Daddy by Brenna Lyons

Book Title - Unexpected Daddy

Author - Brenna Lyons

Stars - 4

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When twenty-six-year-old Joey Beirs is summoned to the emergency room one evening, the last thing he expects to find is that his twin brother and Jeremy's wife have both been killed in a car accident, leaving him an UNEXPECTED DADDY to his newborn niece, Abby. Closing in on the end of his leave from work, Joey has to find suitable childcare for Abby. After yet another interview turns south, Joey is accosted by homophobic bigots and saved by Geoff Allread.

Geoff is in his forties, an out-of-work carpenter whose unemployment is running out, soon to be faced with working in fast food or retail to keep food on the table in the recession. He's also late to come out of the closet, a wounded man who has lost everything by admitting what he is... including his daughter from his ill-fated marriage. Geoff is good with kids and adores Abby. It's a match made in heaven. At forty-three, Geoff needs a job that doesn't mean asking if someone wants fries, and Joey needs someone who's good with Abby. But can both of them overcome their hurts and accept that the age difference doesn't matter as much as finding what they've both lost... a stable family?






This was a nice quick read. The characters were charming and loveable. The situations in the story were believable because gays do get targeted by people who are scared because of all the rumors about being gay and people just don't understand that gays are people too with feelings.

Joey Biers had the phone call nobody wants to receive. The hospital called to tell him his brother and his wife were in a bad accident get to the hospital right away. His brother and his wife were expecting their first child. Joey lost his brother, sister -in-law and became a daddy all in the matter of minutes. Alison (sister-in-law) already had the baby named Abigail Juliet Biers and Joey was all she had. He didn't know how to be a daddy but that little girl needed him and he was going to learn on the job.  He took some leave so he could learn how to be a daddy but he would have to go back to work sooner or later, so he needed to find good day care that would take care of Abby just like he would, well at least decently.

Joey was walking to his car with Abby and two punk boys start harassing Joey about being gay. He didn't want Abby in the middle of a fight between these two punks and him. Yes, Joey was gay but he wasn't going to deny it but he still needed to get away from these two and get Abby to safety. A guy yelled at these two punks and they seem to know him. These two punks left him and Abby alone after this guy started yelling at them from the front porch. Who was this guy that saved him and Abby from a situation that wouldn't be good for either of them.

Geoff had seen Joe getting harassed from these two punks. Geoff played it off that he knew Joe and that he was expecting the both of them. Getting Joe and that baby getting to safety was his goal in getting them in his house where they would be safe. Joe and Abby got into Geoff's house and Geoff and Joey had one main thing in common, they were both gay. Both were good looking except Joey was younger than Geoff.

I loved watching this relationship develope. Geoff has his demons from his past and is having trouble getting past them. Geoff just came to terms that he is gay and not hiding it but with Joey being younger than him, that probably won't work but there something about Joey that Geoff just can't get him out of his system. Abby is such a beautiful baby and Geoff already loves her. He can't walk away, or can he? I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book but as I kept reading, I did enjoy the story. Wish there was a little more background on Joey and a little more about Geoff's past but otherwise it was a very good story.

Geoff and Joey and Abby all are very likeable. Seeing both Geoff and Joey try to learn how to love Abby and each other kept me turning the pages. It bothers me that people are so close minded about living a different kind of life than most people. Just because you are gay does not mean you are any different than those who are not. Geoff and Joey became real in my mind because both have had things not so good happen because they were gay. Give this book a chance, I am so glad I did.

Barb gives Unexpected Daddy


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