REVIEW–Silent Meeting by Holly Hall

Book Title - Silent Meeting
Author - Holly Hall
Stars - 5
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Ellen Drake, young girl who has been deaf since birth, misdials with a video chat program on her computer. That mistake leads her to “meet” and fall in love with U.S. Marine Brian Kelley. Continue with Ellen and Brian on their journey as they meet in person for the first time when they attend a wedding for one of Brian’s Marine Corp friends. Will their feelings for each other grow and deepen? Or will the in-person meeting change everything, not for the better?

This was such a wonderfully written story. I instantly felt a connection with Ellen because of her first love and not sure how to handle all these new feelings. I love how even though Ellen is deaf, she doesn't let that stop her at all.  Just because you have a disability doesn't mean you are any different than any other girl falling in love for the first time. Ellen met Brian Kelley accidently when she dialed a wrong number with the video chat program on the computer and Ellen found Brian by mistake. Ellen was signing and Brian knew how to sign as well and they started talking through sign almost every day and Ellen and Brian grow closer to each other day by day. Ellen's dad is very protective of her which I can totally understand. Also Brian is in the armed forces and is a little older than Ellen I do believe.  All dad wants to do is protect Ellen from getting hurt and he realizes Ellen is growing up but he still doesn't want to let her go. But he talks to Brian and decides since Brian wants to take Ellen to a wedding when he is home on leave that Brian needs to come early so dad can talk to him before he takes his precious daughter out anywhere alone. Brian seems like a nice guy. I can see how he could fall in love with Ellen over the computer. They seem to have things in common and Brian doesn't see her as deaf, he see's that as just a part of the girl who he is starting to have feelings for and he hasn't even met her yet. But even though Brian seems like a nice guy, something is making my warning lights go off but I can't pin point why just yet. Maybe it's because when he does meet Ellen, things move way too fast. Ellen wants more than to just make out but Brian does keep himself in check and stops things before they go too far. They seem like the perfect couple and I hope I am wrong about Brian. I can't wait to read the second book in this series. I was so into it and then the story stopped! I so wanted to throw my tablet because it left me hanging and I want more of this story and hate waiting!! This author has a new fan and she can't write fast enough for me!

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