REVIEW – His Sweet Tooth: Baker’s Dozen by A.H. Scott

Book Title - His Sweet Tooth: Baker's Dozen

Author - A.H. Scott

Stars - 4

A man celebrates his promotion with thirteen beauties.

Sometimes we all need a little, extra sweetness.

“His Sweet Tooth: Baker’s Dozen” is the first story in the new series – “Defining Deviancy Upward: The Collection”.

A.H. Scott pens tempting tales, where lascivious longings and percolating passions blow boredom off the rails.

This is around the 4th book I have read from this particular author and I didn't like this book like the others. Written as a poem instead of the normal way books are written. A.H. Scott is not afraid to be different and I for one love this kind of different.

Keith got a promotion at his job and since he worked hard to get this promotion it was time to celebrate and one thing really got Keith pumped and that was girls. The more girls the merrier.
Keith is one very sexually excited guy. When he gets home, there are 13 woman all waiting for him along the banner of the stairs that lead upstairs.

I know that poems are written in different ways but I didn't like this one as well because of the way Keith is portrayed. I know it is a poem and it's written for a particular kind of audience but this time I wasn't that kind. Not that I don't like books about sex but I just couldn't get into this one. This is my opinion and it may not be yours, so give the book a chance and decide for yourself.

Barb gives His Sweet Tooth: Baker's Dozen

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