REVIEW – Jennifer by A.H. Scott

Book Title - Jennifer

Author - A.H. Scott

Stars - 5


Jennifer never saw herself as something special. She only saw herself as something different. Sometimes things that are different hold a rarity above the ordinary.

A.H. Scott caresses romance in “Jennifer”.

..Every woman is a feast for the senses..


I have read other books from this author and I love the way the books are written. They are written as a poem and it is such a refreshing difference than the way books are normally written.

This book is about a girl by the name of Jennifer who was at a hotel because of an unexpected layover during a business trip. Before she went to that hotel, she ran into a guy (Teddy) at the airport that she met at a bakery back in her home town. They would talk about nothing of importance and they even worked at the same building but different floors. Jennifer was not a skinny girl, she was chubby and awkward and never thought in a million years she would ever find a guy who could love her as the way she looked. Not many guys like girls that are overweight, most of the girls are made fun of and called names. While at this airport, Teddy made an invite to Jennifer to meet at his hotel room and Jennifer excepted without really expecting anything except a one nighter and she was fine with that.

This story teaches about how there are men out there that are attracted to chubby girls. They don't go by what is on the outside but what is on the inside. Teddy made Jennifer feel so special that one night. He made her feel like she was someone special and that she forgot how she looked for a little bit. There needs to be more guys like Teddy that look past what the weight is of a girl and want to get to know how she is on the inside. Teddy is one of a kind. He really wanted Jennifer for more than just friends. But Jennifer needed a little encouragement to realize the truth.

Barb gives Jennifer

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