REVIEW–A New Life by Stephanie Kepke

Book Title - A New Life

Author - Stephanie Kepke

Stars - 5

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Does a baby turn your life upside down or right side up? New parents, Grace and Zach, find themselves drifting apart after months of no sleep and no sex, not to mention too many fights over the dishes, laundry and in-laws. Sometimes it seems as if they'll never find their way back together. Is the love they still feel for each other beneath the layers of frustration and unhappiness enough to reignite their forgotten passion?

This book really brought memories back when I had my three children.  To me the story seems so real and not just a story an author thought up. Grace and Zach are such lovable characters. I related so much to this book. Being a first time parent is not easy.

Grace is pregnant and has a pretty hard labor but once the baby is born, she forgets all the problems and just focus's on that beautiful baby boy , which Grace and Zach named him Henry. Now like every new parents, they were so proud of Henry and couldn't wait until both sets of grandparents could meet him. Grace's parents were very proud grandparents. Doing whatever they could to welcome Henry into the family. Grace tried to let the fact that Zach's parents didn't seem real interested in Henry. They just couldn't fit him into their schedule and this hurt Grace but Zach always had a reason to why his parents couldn't spare the time to be able to make time for Henry. They always came when Grace had just got Henry to sleep and then Grace or Zach had to let them wake up their beautiful baby boy.

You read about how having a baby changes the relationship dramatically. Because Grace is always tired and she is breastfeeding and one of her breasts was giving her problems. She had so much milk coming in and it was so uncomfortable it hurts. Zach feels left out because Grace is breastfeeding and he can't do anything like that for Henry. Grace and Henry get into a routine and it's not a good one. They don't talk to each other, they don't touch each other. It seems both have just given up until they finally wake up and do something different. Watching the relationship start to fall apart was hard because I have been there and it's not pretty. Grace wasn't feeling sexy and Zach just quit caring. They both have to work together or the love they had for each other will disappear and that's not what they want for Henry.

I did cry during this book. I felt everything both of these two were feeling and when you are going through it, it's hard and scary. Please read this book, if you have been through having a baby and you understand how it affects the relationship, you will understand and like this book. It's full of honesty and it shows you how a little bundle of joy can change things so much.

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