REVIEW–Lily in Chains by Kate Richards

Book Title - Lily in Chains (1Night Stand BDSM series)

Author - Kate Richards

Stars - 5

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For Barry, the opportunity to help build the newest Las Vegas resort, the BDSM-focused Carnivore Club, offers the chance to put aside two years of longing for the sub who ran away. In the glittering city in the desert, he could make a new start and a new life. The gift of a 1Night Stand from his mysterious partner in the endeavor.

Lily’s fears drove her away from the man of her dreams. In fact, she ran all the way home to learn her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and needed her help. After two years of caring for her mother, they lost the fight and Lily was cast adrift to once again pick of the threads of her life.

Terrified she’d flee the instant things got too intense, Lily asks Madame Eve to help her set up a date with a Dom. If she can handle one night with a stranger, maybe she can return to Barry and beg him to take her back.

I love the 1Night Stand stories. The writing draws me in right from the start and can't stop till the pages run out, which is always too soon in my opinion. I have read another book that had Madame Eve's 1Night Stand in it and loved that one also.

This is about two people that were in love with each other but one was scared and ran instead of talking about her feelings. Lily was once Barry's sub and when she begged him to take her to sub-space and let her forget all about her troubles for a little bit, she got scared and ran and never looked back. But she never forgot him and she wanted to know everything on how to be a fantastic sub and wanted to go back to him and prove she was the only sub he ever would need. Lily seems shy and she is scared to admit feelings and doesn't like to talk about them either. She was a mess for three years  and this one night stand deal was to prove that she had changed and was what Barry needed and wanted. What she didn't know was the club she was going to meet her one night date was someone she would never expect.
Barry was a mess when Lily left him. She left without a word. He asked everyone he knew and looked everywhere but could never find her. Lily never left his mind even while he was awake and while he was asleep. He could never quit loving her. But he would never have an answer why she left. When Barry got the invitation for a one night date with someone that Madame Eve said would be the perfect person for him, he doubted that anyone could compare to Lily.
What a surprise when Barry opened the door and found his Lily standing at his door. He was so happy to see her but he had to find out why she left and why was she here now.

I love the way this Madame Eve seems to know what each of her customers want and who they need to be with, and she makes it happen. It would be fantastic if there was such a person that could put us together with the correct person. It sure would cut the heartache and the horrible dates to a minimum. Probably would be less divorce also.

If you like to see people start out sad because of losing the one person they had loved and then in the end getting what they have always wanted, this is the series for you. Written so nicely that it draws you in right from the first page. I can't wait to read more about Madame Eve's fantastic service!

Barb  gives Lily in Chains (1Night Stand BDSM series)

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