REVIEW – Educating Rena by Maggie McCullough

Book Title - Educating Rena

Author - Maggie McCullough

Stars - 3

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Learning is not always found in books.

What does a girl do when the guy she loves is also the guy every girl in school chases? Serena Ramirez retreated to her beloved books for romance and adventure. Heading to Chicago for college seemed a good idea at the time. Now, a decade later, she isn't so sure. The few sexual relationships she's had haven't measured up.
Why? Her heart is still in Wyoming.

Serena is a woman on a mission. She is flying back to Cheyenne for her ten year high school reunion. For one reason find Scott Matthews. Serena is convinced Scott is the man who can give her the sexual satisfaction no other man has.

She's not a shy teenager now. It's game on. No more hiding behind her books.

Scott won't know what hit him. Serena has a bold proposition. Will he rise to the challenge?

Rena is going back to Cheyenne to attend her high school class reunion and hoping to see Scott, the guy she had big crush on but he just never notice her. Tonight he would notice her and she had plenty of plans for him.

Scott to me just seemed like a player just by the way he was talking and acting. Rena was acting like a slut in my opinion. Who in their right mind asks a guy on the dance floor to give her an orgasm. I understand wanting to have fun with the guy you had a huge crush on in high school, maybe asking him to take advantage of you, or to show you what he was showing all those girls back in school while you watched from the sidelines. I just had a hard time getting into the conversation between these two.

The authors description of the room and what she was wearing and how she was in high school, I could see exactly as she was describing everything. Later in the story I could start to feel that Rena's feelings for Scott were very much love and she was just trying to get him more interested by being so forth coming.
This is just my opinion and I would love to read more from this author just because I wasn't really happy with this one doesn't mean I won't like the next one. See if you like it, give it a chance and decide for yourself.

Barb gives Educating Rena

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