REVIEW – Loving a Caveman by Philomena MacKinnon

Book Title - Loving a Caveman

Author - Philomena MacKinnon

Stars - 5

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Mira is a young, innocent cave girl virgin who can't imagine that marriage would ever be for her. And when her father chooses Regus, a weakling to her eyes, she is close to running away from home. Before she can marry, she must learn what being a woman in the stone age is all about. And when the wedding night arrives, she discovers that it's not all about killing saber-tooth cats and that what waits beneath Regus' furs can give her a lot more pleasure. This is an erotic story with explicit content about a young woman's first time set in the Stone Ages.

For being this authors first erotic storyline, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this story. I am part Indian and this makes me think back to the old times where this was something the older women did with the younger ones who were getting married.

Mira had grown up in her parents cave and had never been away. Mira was to marry Regus and she did not think he was the kind she would marry if it was up to her. He was a weakling and she doubted he would be as thoughtful and loving as her father is toward her mother. She wanted someone like her father but that was not to be. Her mother took her to the circle where the older and wiser women who had been married would help Mira get ready for her night with her new husband. They cleaned her with fire, meaning they took the fire and held it up near her hair on different parts of her body and let the heat from the torch burn off the hair. I'm sorry I am not sure if I could just lay there while some other women are burning off my body hair. But I guess if that's the way it's done, then so be it.  After they were done with her, then she was ready to be married.
The author describe everything in as much as detail that was needed. I could vision everything that was happening with Mira and then with her and her new husband Regus. With Mira being a virgin it was so sweet that Regus took special time to make sure that she didn't hurt and made her feel so wanted, loved and beautiful, all through the actions he was doing. No words needed because his touch and his face showed her just how much he was going to love her and protect her throughout their marriage. Everything a girl could want in a husband.  Regus made her feel that her virginity was something special and he was proud to be the one to take it. At least that's how I felt while reading this story.

I definitely will read more from this author if she brings out anymore books. Her attention to detail and the way she makes what the characters are feeling come right off the page and I could feel and see everything without a problem. During the sex scene I felt like I was intruding because it was written so very beautiful. Get this book if you can because it is so worth reading and read it more than once because it is that good.

Barb gives Loving a Caveman

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