REVIEW - Mind, Trinity Trilogy, Book 2 by Audrey Carlan


Title: Mind, Trinity Trilogy, Book 2
Author: Audrey Carlan
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
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I’m a magnet for evil and controlling men. Chase, my big business tycoon and love of my life, thinks he can protect me…he can’t.
No one can.
It became clear far too late how serious my stalker was, that his threats weren’t idle. He proved more than once that he would do what it takes, that there were no stakes too high to his sick and twisted games and delusions of worship.
We should have been better prepared. The roses, images, lingerie soaked in his seed, even his calling card written in blood didn’t penetrate. I had faith that my love could make it go away, that eventually he’d be caught.
I was wrong.
In the second highly anticipated erotic suspense novel in the Trinity Trilogy, MIND digs deep into the heart and psyche of Gillian and her stalker through dueling POVs.
While Chase and Gillian plan their wedding, follow them and the entire gang as the stalker acts out his revenge and plots his attack on Gillian, Chase, and their friends.
This book can be considered dark, erotic, and thrilling. As in Body (Trinity Trilogy Book 1) the issue of domestic violence plays heavily in the storyline, and Gillian experiences many disturbing flashbacks of the past, alongside tragedy the stalker brings to the present. There is also a lot of love, devotion, and friendship.
Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. MIND is book 2 of a three-part trilogy. Body (Trinity Trilogy - Book 1) must be read prior to reading MIND.


“That’s it baby, you take my cock,” he presses deep. “Take. It. All. The. Way.” He grunts until he’s seated to the very hilt, his heavy balls slapping against the crack of my ass. “You feel me, Gillian. You feel me inside you. I’m always going to be there. Taking you, taking what’s mine, giving you what’s yours.” He breathes heavily as he stirs his cock inside me. “You want that? All of me. Every” thrust “fucking,” thrust, “inch” thrust, “Of me,” thrust,” is yours,” he lets out in a feverish rush.
He tugs at my hips spearing me on his thick cook, the lips of my sex protesting with each massive thrust. It’s divine. Him taking me this way. Proving that nothing will keep him from me.
“What do you feel?” He brings a wicked thumb into the mix, swirling the digit around my clit in dizzying circles that sends lightning to my sex.
“I feel…” I try to catch my breath as my orgasm builds, swirls like a boiling pot, my spine tightening, limbs protesting as the first waves of release shimmer through me. “I feel us.” He smiles, comes down onto me and powers into me.
“What else?” He grates. His skin is shining with sweat at the effort to hold back, not just pound and pour into me. No, he wants it to be good for me and it always is.
“Baby, it’s everything,” I whisper into his ear as I cling to him in a full body clench before tipping my head back and roaring through my release. I grip him to me so tightly I can feel the exact moment his spine stiffens, one vertebra at a time, in extreme pleasure, before pouring his release into me. The orgasm goes on and on as we both ride the wave for long minutes.
When I come back from Nirvana, I’m still clinging to him, only now I’m sprawled naked on his chest, both of us panting like we just ran a full marathon. Chase extends his arm and shuffles through his pants. He pulls out his phone holds it out and takes a picture.
“Now look at the camera for me this time. I want to keep this moment with me forever,” he says. I can only oblige him. Certain that my breasts are plastered against his chest I peek up through my hair and my hiding place on his chest. One of my hands is lying against his rapidly beating heart. We both look at the camera, and I give my secret smile, the one I only give to him. He takes the picture and turns it around so I can see. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. I see the Drum Bridge clearly in the distance but most importantly, I see Chase, his eyes sated and untarnished by his past or our current situation. My own gaze is soft, resplendent. Mostly, it’s just another candid moment of us in love.
“Send it to me…that one is special,” I use the same words he used about the other image. He nods once and then tosses the phone back down near his pants. We lay together for a long time.
“Do you think it will always be this good between us?” I finally ask. His arms tighten along my bare back and waist.
I lean up and rest my chin on his chest like I usually do after we make love.
“I don’t know why it wouldn’t. I’m positive there is no other woman for me. No one else would put up with me the way you do.” He waggles his eyebrows, but I know there is some truth in his statement.
Kissing him softly, I pull back. “You’re right. No woman in their right mind would put up with you,” he cringes, but I continue. “Special dates and private garden showings, rooftop brunches, endless love making where the woman’s pleasure is paramount…you’re right. You’re ridiculous!” I giggle, and he nuzzles my nose.
“You’re cute.”
“Didn’t we already have this conversation? Cute is for puppies and newborns not naked women in their twenties who allow you to ravish them in public gardens.”
Chase laughs, and I enjoy feeling his cock wiggle within me. He likes to stay connected to me for as long as possible, but I know our private time is running out.
“Don’t we need to go?”
He kisses me then sits up. I shimmy off him and stand. The mixture of our combined releases coats my thighs and starts running down my leg. Chase watches closely, a predatory gleam in his eyes and a crooked, sexy smile on his face. I roll my eyes and grab the soft napkin that came with our picnic, wiping the mess up before putting on my panties, bra, and dress.
Chase dresses and I start to put everything away. “Leave it. I’ve paid someone to take care of it for us.” Of course he did. I shake my head and he puts my cardigan over my shoulders, the chill of the late afternoon in San Francisco starting to encroach.
“Next up...dessert,” Chase says as he leads me out the gate of the garden. I close my eyes and try to imprint today’s experience so that I can go back to it often. Whenever I have a rough day, I’m going to go back to those rainbow steps that tell a story so beautiful one must experience it with their own eyes, and the magical garden where Chase made wild and crazy love to me under the cool shade of a willow tree.
“I thought that’s what we just had,” I say, the innuendo clear in my tone.
“You saucy little vixen, come on. I know a place that serves up the best caramel cupcakes baked fresh every day.”
“You had me at ‘saucy little vixen’,” I grin.


Wow this book was amazing it had my heart pumping so fast! I loved it so much the mystery is crazy addicting trying to figure out who the stalker is and the reveal! I was so not expecting who the stalker was. I became so invested in the story that several times while reading I exclaimed in surprise, horror or joy making family and friends wonder what the heck I was reading that got me so riled up! The book ends on a cliffhanger so be warned you will want to scream GIMME BOOK 3 RIGHT NOW! A great addition to the series I can't wait to see how Audrey outdoes herself in the final book. 

Christine gives Mind, Book 2 of the Trinity Trilogy

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About the Author

Audrey Carlan is a professional fundraiser for an international healthcare related charity by day, and a sensual and erotic contemporary romance writer by night. She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not raising money, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

In life she believes that all things have their purpose even if we are unable to determine the purpose immediately.

Connect with Audrey

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Twitter: @AudreyCarlan

REVIEW – Last of the Bad Boys by Nora Flite


Book Title - Last of the Bad Boys

Author - Nora Flite

Stars - 5


From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nora Flite:

All I've ever been good at is fighting and fucking.
Pure violence and wet sex. For years, it's been my life. If you think I'd get bored, you'd be very wrong. I'll never get enough.
Nothing can sate the ache that wants to bend any and every woman over, just to see how she tastes. I'm a man who aims to please, but no one holds my attention.
No one but Zoe.
My cock throbs at the very IDEA of her... I want to suffocate with my tongue inside her thighs.
When my phone rang, I didn't expect her pretty voice to beg me for help.
She thought I'd save her and that'd be it. Oh, how wrong she was.
I'm hooked on this girl—I want her more than fucking water or air.
I wasn't her first.
But I planned to be her last.

Author's Note-- Stand alone story. Contains explicit, erotic scenes and themes of violence/mature situations.



I have been a huge fan of Nora Flite's work. This book did not disappoint! It is a fabulous story that grabs you right from the get go. There is something incredible about her characters. You never know where she is going to take them, and they are so imperfectly perfect. It is impossible not to care about them. And her story lines are always fresh. She always puts a cool spin on a story line you think you know. Her creativity keeps drawing me in, and this one is great.

Huxton is an escort. He is good at two things. Bringing a woman pleasure and fighting. He has been a bodyguard, a fighter, and a paid escort who brings in the big bucks because he knows how to make a woman scream. He makes no excuses for who he is, and has no plans to change.
Eliza is an old friend of Huxton's. He had been her bodyguard when she was an escort. She never slept with Huck, so when she called in a favor, Huck did it.
Zoe is Eliza's roommate. She saw an ad and needed a place, so they are friends, but they do not know everything about each other. From the outside, Zoe seems like a quiet girl who works at a diner.
When Eliza sets up to have Huxton come fill in as a birthday stripper because the one she had hired had flaked on her, He comes. It is for Zoe's birthday party. Eliza set up his costume, completely misreading Zoe. During a private dance in a back bedroom, Zoe gets a look at Huck's tattoos, and she is on fire. She always goes for the bad boys, and that is what has her whole world all screwed up. Huck is drawn to her and he wants her bad. When an interruption occurs, Zoe flees, but not until Huck gives her his card. But her life is a big mess. Feeling responsible for a tragic turn of events, she let her boyfriend get her indebted to a bad guy. She has to have a fighter at his command to pay a debt she thinks is her fault. But she does not know or have the whole story. When her ex bails as the fighter, she has to think fast and she calls on Huck. When he gets involved in her world, everything goes sideways. Can someone she doesn't know help her before the slimy bad guy gets what he wants? Are they strong enough to face what is coming? Could Huck's past finally ruin his chance at a future? Will he still want to be involved if he knows the real Zoe? If you want to know, grab yourself a copy of this book! Bad boys never looked sexier!


Heidi gives Last of the Bad Boys

REVIEW – Chaste by Lydia Michaels


Book Title - Chaste

Author – Lydia Michaels

Stars - 3

Buy Link – AMAZON 


Kelly McCullough has always gotten every woman he’s wanted. Of all the McCullough men, his charm and magnetism is unmatched. However, there is one woman he cannot have.
Ashlynn Fisher is everything Kelly McCullough is not. She is quiet, shy, and—above all—virginal. After losing her heart to Kelly in grade school, no other man compares. Paths cross and temperance is put to the test when Ashlynn decides it’s time for her to find love. Kelly offers Center County’s sweetest brown-eyed girl all the guidance he can, but finds himself in a situation he never expected to face. Through chaste kisses and stolen secrets, his virility is tested and he must learn what love truly means as his selfish ways are transformed in the face of a selfless need to give her everything she wants.




Book 3 in the McCullough Mountain series this one is Kelly's story. Kelly is the player of the family he discovered sex and women early and has not looked back since. Although Kelly sells himself short at times he sees the one girl that he can't get off his mind, this is the girl who is untouched and Kelly can't quite wrap his mind around this, Ashlynn likes Kelly but does not know how to deal with his player ways. They get married and they are happy but keep trying to have a baby with no luck they find out it's on Kelly's has some issues, ironic for the player.

Connie gives Chaste

REVIEW – Unexpected Moments by Bailey Bradford


Book Title - Unexpected Moments
Author -
Bailey Bradford  

Stars - 4
Buy Link – AMAZON

Love begins at the most unexpected moment.

Carter Hausemann and Eddie Canales are embarking on a new romance. They know they’re compatible sexually. Now it’s time to find out if they’re meant for each other—and a third man, because Carter has always known what he needed, he’d just been afraid to reach for it.

Eddie will do whatever it takes to make Carter happy, and since he’s not the jealous type as long as he’s included, he’s more than willing to see if a relationship can work between three men. But first he and Carter need to concentrate on them.

Dare Habrock has the microbrew everyone’s talking about. He also has a secret that has kept him from having a lover in far too long.

When these three meet, they begin to understand that love flourishes in the most unexpected moments.

But someone is determined to destroy every bit of joy they have.

Reader Advisory: This books contains scenes of multiple male ménage.


I had never read anything by Bailey Bradford before, so I had no expectations when it came to this book. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I found myself unable to set the book down. It is a very interesting and suspenseful read about a polyamorous relationship and a deranged individual bent on obsession with one of the characters. I liked the book a lot, I only wish the characters would have been developed a bit more. I cared about what happened to them, but it was a tiny bit hard to really feel their emotions. That little disconnect is what had me holding off from five stars. It is a decent read, and an interesting story line that I had not seen before. Definitely worth checking out if you love this type of story, which I do.

Carter Hausemann and Eddie Canales have decided to move forward with trying to make a relationship work for themselves. Carter explained to Eddie that he needed more than one man in his life. He needed a polyamorous relationship to feel fulfilled. He did not want Eddie to think he wasn't enough for him, just that he knew this about himself. They decided one day to go to a brewery tour of a microbrewery that they had tasted at a dinner out. They really liked the beer and set up the date. At the brewery, they met the founder, Dare Habrock. Ge was a kind of shy, lean man that they both felt a pull towards. Very early on they told Dare what they were looking for, and he was open to it. But he was very shy about his looks because he had battled testicular cancer and the surgery left him with scars. They didn't care, and their relationship began to develop. But someone was after one of them. Someone who didn't want to let go. And this person will hurt anyone and anything to get what he wants. The danger to them all escalates and very bad things occur. Can they survive the terror coming at them? Their life is unconventional, plus it is a long distance relationship as well. Even some of their families are not taking it so well. With the very real danger they face to all the naysayers to the distance and their varied jobs, these three beautiful men have a lot to deal with. Surviving the madman is top of the list. Will the law be able to catch this lunatic before he gets what he wants? Grab this book and settle in for a heck of a ride!


Heidi gives Unexpected Moments


REVIEW – Avarice : Sins of Sorrow and Lust (Indebted Series Book 2) By Khai L. Bayne


Book Title - Avarice: Sins of Sorrow and Lust (Indebted Series Book 2)
Author -
Khai L. Bayne                                                
Stars - 4
Buy Link – AMAZON


This book is intended for Mature Audiences Only!

There's a LOT of F-bombs and other swear words. Very intense sexual situations (some Pegging, Mild CBT, and first time MM anal sex with a demon and his tail.)

Artisyn and Theodore’s relationship has always been a tumultuous one. Even up until his untimely demise. You’ve already experienced the aftermath, but do you ever wonder what happened to put them at such odds with one another?

After one very intense encounter, Theodore is completely smitten by the woman whom he had met at a bar one night. He doesn’t know her name, and after searching weeks to find her again to no avail, and he is about to give up. As luck would have it, she finally turns up, but it is in the last place he would’ve ever expected to find her.

Artisyn agrees to help her longtime friend Nikolai Gribkov, the captain of the southeastern division of the Paranormal Investigative Taskforce, with some missions that require her brand of “Depraved Finesse”. As expected she has to prove herself to the men of the division. What she didn't expect is to run into the vampire playmate that she had a one night stand with weeks ago.

Start at the beginning of the journey and find out what really happened in the chain of events that led up to Artisyn being Indebted to Theodore.


I enjoyed this book even more than the first one, the first half of the story is about what happened before book one and the second half of the book is about the present, where Artisyn is hiding and what the guys are doing to find her. There seems to be a new mystery and quite a few new characters that look like they could be a lot of fun. Again the book ends on a cliffhanger making me scratch my head wondering what is going?! I can't wait to read the next book in the series and see what will happen with the gang. Will the guys find Artisyn? Will she accept them? Who are the new mystery trio and what powers does the little girl hold? Hopefully all of these questions will be answered in book three.


Christine gives Avarice: Sins of Sorrow and Lust (Indebted Series Book 2)


REVIEW – A Time to Begin by Lucy Gage


Book Title - A Time to Begin
Author -
Lucy Gage                                                     
Stars - 5
Buy Link – AMAZON

She'd been dealt too many blows to count. He'd always lived life on easy street. Are they Yin and Yang or a mistake of epic proportions?

Makeup artist Reggie Reynolds has endured a life as colorful as her ever-changing hair. After a painful childhood and a tragic adolescence, by sheer force of will, she found success – first in Hollywood, then on Broadway. Returning to her hometown offers a chance to help her aging grandfather and realize her dreams, not to mention soothe a broken heart. But even her storied past won't prepare Reggie for what happens in her next chapter.

When reporter Eddie Besson meets Reggie on a flight to New York City, he thinks he's at an all-time high-point in his cushy, perpetual-youth life. Twenty-four hours with Reggie changes Eddie's perspective. Despite the fact that she doesn't want anything to do with him when he leaves, Eddie can't stop thinking about the girl from New York City long after he's gone from the Big Apple.

As Eddie's perfectly-orchestrated life falls apart, he has some tough decisions to make, with only one thing certain: there will be consequences to pay for his lackadaisical approach to adulthood. Reggie's own soul-searching reveals some painful truths, including guilt about passing judgment on the guy from Maine. When she runs into Eddie again – this time on his home turf – sparks fly and decisions must be made, choices that aren't universally well-received. Will this unlikely pair go all-in, find a way to balance the scales and live life on their own terms? Or will tragedy tear them apart for good?


This is the 5th book in the Ward Sisters and these books keep getting better and better. The Author has introduced new characters in these books and each one has so much depth. This was Reggie's story, I really like how focused Reggie was on her career and wasn't backing down from different issues in her career and in her life. I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Connie gives A Time to Begin



REVIEW – Indebted : A Sin from Ashes (Indebted book 1) by Khai L. Bayne


Book Title - Indebted : A Sin from Ashes (Indebted book 1)
Author -
Khai L. Bayne  

Stars - 4
Buy Link – AMAZON

Indebted: A Sin from Ashes:


This story is NOT your standard Happily Ever After. It contains various supernatural beings, scenes of extreme violence, elements of the BDSM lifestyle, group sex, dubious consent, revenge, unrequited love, and a LOT of profanity. It is not for the Prudish, Squeamish, or Those easily offended by a woman who owns her sexuality. If you plan on bitching about ANYTHING that I have just mentioned or other elements of my fucked up imagination. Do us all a favor and just... Don't! I'm not Willie Wonka so I definitely don't sugar coat shit!


Theodore calls the last person in the world he knew would willingly help him, Artisyn. The beautiful seductress from his past. Her foul mouth and brazen attitude, had always drawn him to her, but because of their tumultuous past, and not so amicable parting he had to force her hand by calling in his claim on the vow she made to repay him. His past transgressions are called into action as he tries to right previous wrongs.

After two years of self-imposed exile, Ex-Special Operative Artisyn Daniels receives a phone call from the last person in the world that she wants to hear from. Theodore Mezzanetti and he was summoning her to return.

Tensions run high as she is thrust in with a team of Theodore's men, who are to help her assimilate back into the world of espionage, sex, and BDSM, to help find the person responsible for killing women in an abusive and sadistic manner. Her animosity towards the vampire runs deep, but she owes him, and he wants to collect. Her goal... Repay her debt, then cut all ties to her past life, once and for all. Will she be able to trust Theodore to keep his word?

Using her old friends, acquaintances, and newly acquired team of supernatural men, to try to track down the killer as they race against the clock to stop the person responsible for the deaths of so many woman, before he strikes again. Emotions run high, as feelings develop, truths are revealed, and a dark secret comes to light.


This was an awesome book! I became so engrossed in the story, I love that there are so many different types of paranormal creatures who all co-exist with each other and I love the fact that it was four men submitting to a female dominant which was really hot! The reveal of the bad guy towards the end of the book totally shocked me! I was so not expecting that. The ending is a bit of cliffhanger which makes me excited to read the next book in the series.


Christine gives Indebted : A Sin from Ashes (Indebted book 1)


REVIEW – Floor Time (Stewart Realty Book 1) by Liz Crowe

Book Title - Floor Time (Stewart Realty book 1)
Author - Liz Crowe
Stars - 4Buy LinkAMAZON

Jack Gordon is Ann Arbor's most delectable bachelor. At age thirty-five, he's made millions as a top-selling Ann Arbor real estate broker and has the right connections to close a deal by any means necessary. With his rugged good looks and compelling personality, he has a virtual black book most men would kill for and he uses it often, never settling for one woman for very long.
While his D/s past remains buried, exactly where he wants it, an undercurrent of boredom and dissatisfaction runs through his life now. A disastrous experience years earlier made him swear off the whole scene, but the more Jack suppresses his natural Dom, the more his frustration grows.
Sara Thornton, a rookie in the real estate game, has fast-tracked herself to the top of the Ann Arbor market. Her life reflects a disciplined and focused routine, exactly the way she wants it. However, as her career takes off, the fulfillment she seeks remains inexplicably out of reach. The one thing she knows for sure, she will not join the Jack Gordon groupies in her company, no matter how tempting that might seem.
A chance encounter, then a difficult transaction, throw Jack and Sara together and the sparks fly high and hot and often. Forced to confront the compulsions that gain momentum with each sizzling encounter, their relationship seems to spiral out of control until Jack finally admits what he needs, and shows Sara what she's been missing.

This is the beginning of a trilogy about the relationship between Jack and Sara. This book has both of them trying to navigate a relationship that they aren't used to. They've both been hurt in the past and find it hard to trust and commit to each other. The book finishes on an unexpected moment that makes you wonder what will happen next with their relationship. There are also hints that relationship may turn into a BDSM dynamic which I hope to see more of in future books.
Christine gives Floor Time (Stewart Realty book 1)

REVIEW – Turquoise by Rain Carrington


Book Title - Turquoise
Author -
Rain Carrington  

Stars - 5
Buy Link – AMAZON

In the mountains of New Mexico lives a group of boys who are inseparable. That is until they grow up and one of them leaves the rez to fulfill his dream.

One of the boys misses him more than the others. A love that started as children grew with him and when Angel Quintana left New Mexico, Garcia Blacksnake had to occupy his time until the love of his life returned. Angel came back when tragedy struck, with secrets he does not want this old friends to know. Secrets about the life he lived as his dreams came true, turning to nightmares he could not run away from.

Can childhood friends help save him from a sadistic man who holds Angel’s dream in his hand? Can Garcia’s love help him to trust himself and others again?


This book ripped me apart. It is an epic tale of love and loss. How the choices we make can have long reaching consequences. It is a beautiful story spanning about 14 years, and the journey two best friends must go on to find themselves. The beauty of their journey, and the struggles, will move you to tears. I loved every second of this book, it has so many good messages in it.

When the story begins, Angel Quintana is a thirteen year old boy struggling with the fact that his mother is marrying his best friend's older brother. Garcia Blacksnake has always been his best friend. They had been together since they were 8 months old, now he was his uncle. That doesn't set well with Angel, and he rebels against the new step dad. He didn't need one, Grandpa had said Angel was the man of the house. Together with their other friends, Hoki, Chris, Jim jam, and Freddy, they would move forward. But Angel had a secret, he loves Garcia, and the night of the wedding, he gave Garcia an earing he had made for him, and something else. When the guys reached graduation, Angel is terrified of telling Garcia he is going off the reservation to go to school in New York. The fall out of what happens between them will taint the next seven years. Angel's time in school is capped by the big show, and the smooth moves of Guy Drake will come to harm Angel in ways he never understood. Only when tragedy strikes the reservation, can Angel see the truth. With the bonds of friendship put to the test, these 6 friends will begin the most important journey of their lives. Angel was their leader, but now the leader needed to be led and it is up to them to open Angel's eyes to what his heart already knows.

This book is so over and above 5 stars. I have not had a day go by since I first glimpsed this story that I haven't thought about these characters. They are all so incredible, it is hard to believe they are not real. Rain did a beautiful job with this book. There are so many great lessons to be had from this, all of them important. But the biggest might be true love is not a stagnant thing, but fluid and growing, changing as the two people change, to be what they need most. This heart warming story should not be missed, this is truly one epic love story.


Heidi Ryan gives Turquoise


REVIEW – Coach Love (Love Brothers #2) by Liz Crowe


Book Title - Coach Love (Love Brothers, #2)
Author -
Liz Crowe  

Stars - 5
Buy Link – AMAZON

A Family Saga with humor, heat and heart--not to mention beer, bourbon and basketball!

The smoldering intensity of first love ~ the forbidden fantasy of temptation ~ the cold hard facts of real life.

When one man’s hopes are dashed apart in a split second after years spent chasing a dream, he returns home to Kentucky furious at the world and everyone around him.

Kieran Francesco is the middle son of the volatile, tight-knit Halloran-Love family. His role as peacemaker and the one true athlete is well established. He now faces life devoid of the sport he adores after a horrific, career-ending accident, which places him in a new and entirely uncomfortable position: that of the brother with no future.

Over the course of a few tumultuous months Kieran is plunged back into life at the center of the Love family, where he must cope with one self-destructive brother, one ill-timed reconnection to an old flame and a series of bad choices that land him in more trouble than he’d ever known existed.


Wow after Love Garage I thought I had things all figured out, oh boy oh boy was I wrong.

Kieran Love, the perfect son, the perfect brother, or so everyone thought, until life messes with him and he takes on some bad habits to deal with it. When Kieran ends up in a local bar drowning his sorrow's he runs into his first love, who is engaged to the man of her dreams, its not their first run in, but its one that will set into motion events that will ultimately bring them closer together, but not before it drives them further apart.

Cara's life is perfect, she is about to marry her dream husband, or is she? So what if they have a few things to work through. Cara believes the trade off of things that are great vs. things that are not is worth it, she's thankful for what she has, until some events bring to light how wrong she is, including Kieran Love.

This series is written in true Liz style, which means everything does not happen the way you think it would or should, and there are things that happen that just have you going WTF! Its great, awesome and keeps you wanting more.

In this installment we also get to know Dominic Love a bit better and I cannot wait for his book, Love Brewing set to release in March, I have a feeling its going to be the best one yet.


Drue gives Coach Love (Love Brothers, #2)


REVIEW – Love Garage (Love Brothers #1) by Liz Crowe


Book Title - Love Garage (Love Brothers, #1)
Author -
Liz Crowe                                                       
Stars - 5
Buy Link – AMAZON

A Family Saga with humor, heat and heart--not to mention beer, bourbon and basketball!

Antony Love is the quintessential responsible oldest brother of a boisterous, Italian/Irish family, placed in charge at a young age by his parents who are busy running the family business. He manages his siblings with a fair but iron hand, until his life is shattered by personal tragedy leaving him the shell of the man he once was.

When outspoken matriarch Lindsay Halloran Love becomes ill, the youngest brother Aiden shows up at Antony's garage, having dropped out of school (again), needing work and a place to crash. Antony provides both, with three caveats: "Don't smoke in my truck, don't be late for work, and don't mess with my girlfriend."

But Aiden Love, budding novelist, gets one glimpse of Rosalee Norris, young widow of Antony's lifelong best friend and all bets are off.


I have been a follower of Liz Crowe's books for quite a while now and I just have to say I LOVE THIS NEW SERIES.

This first installment is about Antony and Aiden Love, brothers in a dynamic Italian/Irish American family of 4 boys and 1 girl.

When Aiden returns home after a long time gone chasing his dream of becoming a successful author he spots his brothers girlfriend and falls immediately in lust.

Antony Love, the oldest son in the Love family is damaged by events of the past, but through it all he has had one constant, Rosealee, his best friends widow, now his girlfriend. They love each other, they are good together and when they finally move forward with their relationship, everything seems perfect, or is it?

I absolutely love a great series based around a normal, dynamic family unit and the Love Brothers Series fits quite perfectly.

I'm off to dive into book 2, Coach Love and find out all about Kieran Love.


Drue gives Love Garage (Love Brothers, #1)


REVIEW – Unforgiven (Vampires in America #7.5) by D.B. Reynolds

Book Title - Unforgiven (Vampires in America #7.5)
Author -
D.B. Reynolds  

Stars - 5
Buy Link – AMAZON

A Cyn & Raphael Novella

ALLEGIANCE . . . the ties that bind. Friendship, duty, blood. 
TREACHERY . . . when friendship is abused, duty turns to burden, and blood is not enough. 
UNFORGIVEN . . . because there are some things that can never be forgotten. 
Allegiance . . . Treachery . . . Unforgiven.

War is imminent, and a spy has infiltrated Raphael’s estate. But his target is not Raphael; it’s his sister, Alexandra, whose earlier duplicity nearly cost Cyn her life. Raphael and Cyn are determined to play the spy’s game, traveling to Mexico to discover who their enemy is and just how far he’ll go to win. But once Raphael finds his sister, can he take the chance that she won’t betray him again?

Ohh what a great novella, I honestly did not think we would hear anymore about Alexandra, and I had more than a few OMG moments during this novella. Like a spy actually getting into Raphael's compound, WOWSA! But all is not as it seems, it takes a bit to finally figure out what exactly is going on but when you do, wow, just wow. We also get to see a different side of Juro who I just love, I hope there is more on this in later books. As I said in my review of Vincent, I believe there is something big coming in this series and everything we have read and discovered is leading up to it, and I cannot wait.
If you love this series but are one of those who doesn't pay attention to the novella's you are seriously missing out.

Drue gives Unforgiven (Vampires in America #7.5)