Review-A Sense of Duty by Ava Armstrong

This is a love story...and it's nothing like the other Navy SEAL books you have read. 
It's a look inside the head of the man who wore the uniform. 

Lieutenant Ben Keegan leaves the Navy after a decade of service. He's been shot, captured, tortured, blown up, taken shrapnel, and he suffers from six tours of combat. This is a touching love story about overcoming pain and learning to trust and love... 

Former Navy SEAL Lieutenant, Ben Keegan, starts teaching history at the university Lara attends. Ben starts his own contracting firm, Dark Horse Guardians. He frequently takes on black-op missions for the CIA and other foreign intelligence entities. 

Lieutenant Ben Keegan is a mystery man and Lara is immediately intrigued with him. But, more importantly Ben is strongly drawn to her. Incredibly handsome and attentive to Lara, there is one big problem: he is legally married and has a child. And, Ben is wrestling with problems from his many years in combat. 

Lara is 24 years old, brilliant, beautiful and finishing her master's degree in a small New England town, but there's one thing missing from her life – a love relationship. Lara Reagan O'Connell is constantly pursued because of her striking good looks, but Lara refuses to get involved physically with any man before marriage. And, getting involved with a married guy would be out of the question. In today's world, she is considered a dinosaur, holding out for the right guy. She also harbors a dark secret that causes her to be introverted and cautious in all dealings with men. 

Lara O'Connell is about to have a man enter her world who will alter the course of her life. 

Their love story takes the reader on a romantic, psychological, sometimes gritty, journey. Both characters remain steadfast to their values, and discover that even though they have lived completely different lives – they have more in common then they originally thought.

Ava Armstrong is a new romance and thriller author. Having spent most of her life in corporate America, she managed to dedicate four months of time this year to write her debut novel, "A Sense of Duty" self-published with her company "Dark Horse Guardians."
Ava Armstrong holds several college degrees and has some great advice for college students. Switch your major to the one subject that you absolutely love. While she obtained degrees in business administration and history, the one constant in her life was writing. She kept English as a minor though her college years. Although an avid reader, writing was always been her favorite pastime and a conduit of communication both for business and pleasure.
Ava lives in New England with her husband and daughter. She has traveled extensively across the country, favoring vacations in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
She has a special place in her heart for those who serve and describes herself as a flag-waving patriot. She avidly supports all veterans, but has a special affinity for those veterans now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. She doesn't hesitate to say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
When she isn't writing, Ava spends time with her family and friends in the backyard garden or enjoys walking on the beach. The sequel to "A Sense of Duty" will be "Loving Lara - Dark Horse Guardians - Encountering Evil" and is planned to be released in September 2014. 

 What a great book. It is about Ben, a Navy Seal 
falling in love.  It tells about his missions over seas
and struggle to get a divorce to marry the love of his
life. Laura had a troubled past and it tells of her journey
to fall in love after such tragedy.  This book has Love, Murder
and a lot about the life of being a Navy Seal. Well written and 
you will fall in love the the characters.  Go buy it TODAY!

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