REVIEW–For the Bond (Beyond Blood #3) by Nora Flite

Book Title - For the Bond (Beyond Blood #3)
Author -
Nora Flite  

Stars - 5
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From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nora Flite-- the final book in Beyond Blood, a multi-part series:

She belongs to us


Getting close to her was a mistake. Dammit.

I shouldn't crave the woman I can't have. Marina is so tempting, so cruel.

Keeping her puts everything at risk.

But losing her will be the death of me.

I'll do whatever it takes to find a way to save her.

She belongs to us. No matter how this has to end...

Marina will always be ours.

Author's Note-- The final book in the Beyond Blood series. This is NOT a Love Triangle!

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense. Contains explicit, erotic MFM scenes and themes of violence/mature situations.


This conclusion to this dark tale is everything I could have hoped for. The characters reveal the dangerous truth about their situation, and their final journey on Marina's wish for revenge is fraught with risk, danger, and hope. When Marina began her journey with the death of Frankie at the hands of another, she had resolved herself to the fact that getting revenge on the second man would surrender her life for the man that took everything from her sister. But things are complicated now, her feelings for Kite and Jacob are consuming her. But she knew they had a pact, one that had kept them safe all these years. Trust no one but each other. No loose ends, no ties. Kite is struggling with this decision, and Jacob worries that their downfall looms close if they even entertain the idea of Marina as anything but a loose end. If they had a way to test whether they can trust Marina, could she be in their lives? The dynamics of their relationship could destroy everything. Since their pact as blood brothers, no one has ever come between them. Nothing is more important than the bond between Kite and Jacob. In this book, we learn where the loyalty comes from. We get to see how Jacob saved Kite and how they became so close. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and their oath to share everything is put to the test. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole book, I had no idea how or if Marina would find her revenge. This book is heart wrenching, suspenseful, and beautiful. No matter what, the conclusion of this story will take you on the hunt for closure, and with the unpredictability of another great dark read from Nora Flite, you will not believe how it ends. This is a fantastic trilogy that will have you guessing right to the end!


Heidi gives For the Bond (Beyond Blood #3)

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