REVIEW–Thornhills Dilemma by Brita Addams

Book Title - Thornhills Dilemma
Author -
Brita Addams  

Stars - 5
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Book three in Sapphire Club series

A love as intense as it is forbidden...

Staid Phillip Allard, the Duke of Thornhill, has hidden his true nature behind his ducal mien since his earliest memory. An heir, mired in honor and duty from birth, he approaches every aspect of his life with unemotional logic. Alexander Chilton is a man of voracious sexual tastes, but more, he desires a relationship with someone who will fill the chasm in his life.

They meet at the Sapphire Club, and find in each other a balance neither had ever found before...until a young debutante inadvertently involves Phillip in her defiant quest.

Lady Hope is curious and accepting, but although Phillip cares for her, he can never love her as she wishes. When tragedy occurs, guilt leaves Phillip lost and numb.

Will he find his way back to Alex, or has he burned the one bridge that matters most?

This book contains a couple of menage scenes, M/F/M. It also contains spanking, voyeurism, and sexual activity between two men.


This third installment in the Sapphire Club series is very different than the first two. This one tore my heart out and left me a blubbering mess. It is a terrific tale of love and loss, sacrifice and love. The journey of the characters feels like an epic tale, I loved the book from the beginning. The Duke’s name is Phillip Allard. He had split with his mistress, Evelina. She had driven him to Haynes, but Haynes wanted more from the stoic Duke than he could give. Haynes ended the relationship without a word, but Lucien had another young man in mind for the Duke. Alex Chilton was instantly attracted to him, and Phillip was taken with how easily they got along. Their love affair was perfect for each of them. Alex helped Phillip break out of the mold his upbringing had made. In the Duke’s family, duty was drilled into him with no love or playfulness. From the beginning, he was groomed to inherit the title. Alex had been disowned from his family for being gay. His father beat him severely for it. Together they shared a love that was everything to them. But appearances mattered, being gay could cost you your life. And as a Duke, Phillip had engagements he had to attend for appearances sake. At one such ball, a very pushy mother cornered him and he had to dance with her daughter. Hope had no desire to marry. She wanted to explore and travel, find new things. After the Duke was kind to her, she decided to hide in his carriage. She had heard he was going to the Sapphire Club, and she wanted to learn of the sexual things that occurred there. When the Duke took his leave, Hope was discovered. There was no way he would take her, but he wasn’t a bad man. He would take her back to the ball and then head out to meet Alex. Unfortunately, his bitter former mistress caught him sneaking her back, and threatened to destroy him over his love of Alex. One bad thing leads to another, and they are to marry. Hope has no desire to hurt Phillip after she learns, and sees, the truth of where his heart lives. She only wishes that someone could love her that way. Alex is not pushed away, but it is not enough for Hope. She wants a child, and then she will let them be. But she is hiding a dangerous truth, and all their lives are turned upside down. When tragedy strikes them, they must forge a new path. But can love be everlasting? What happens when one of them does not live up to the promises made on that tragic day? Can a person overcome their upbringing? The journey Alex and Phillip take through their lives will break your heart, and warm it too. Can they eventually heal each other and forage a new path that is better than the one they were on? This story is an incredible adventure through despair, grief, hope, love, and understanding. It is an epic story that spans many years, and I loved every bit of it. True love is precious, and the strength it brings cannot be denied. If you love a great romance story, this is a wonderful book. I hope there are more books in this series, it has really grown on me.



Heidi gives Thornhills Dilemma


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