REVIEW – Angel Falling (The Falling Series Book 1) by Audrey Carlan

Book Title - Angel Falling (The Falling Series Book 1)

Author - Audrey Carlan

Stars - 5

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Aspen Reynolds has it all. Wealth, beauty, and a spot on the Forbes Top Ten Most Successful Women list. From the outside, she is perfect. Looks and status can be deceiving. All her life she has fought being the socialite her family has raised her to be. Now at twenty-eight she’s at the top of her game, lacking the one thing she didn’t know she’d ever want.

Accidents happen and lives are changed when Aspen is almost killed. Hank Jensen, the man who saves her, is a hard-working country boy from Texas. Hank is the polar opposite of the rich city boys she’s used to. He’s rugged, gritty, devastatingly handsome, and makes it clear that he wants her in his life and his bed.

Can two people from different worlds find a happily ever after?

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content. This novel will be part of a three part series but is written as a standalone between this particular couple. The other two books in the series will focus on different characters with snippets of past couples as the stories move along.


This is the 1st book in the Falling series.The characters are well written: Aspen Reynolds a very successful rich (billionaire) strong business woman, but needy when it comes to love/relationships from New York. Hank Jensen is hot sexy cowboy construction owner/worker from Texas . He is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants! Hank meets Aspen when he saves her life, and is injured during an accident on the site of her building he is working on. He has been watching her for weeks not realizing she is the building owner. (not creepy stalker but I need to meet her!) She is so overcome by thankfulness, she demands to pay for his care at the hospital, and that he move into her place, to insure he gets the best care!!! They have chemistry and sparks fly, and a wonderful hot romantic story is written. Coming from different worlds can their relationship work? This book has hot romance, humor, some action, and well written sex scenes. You will find yourself on a roller coaster ride with your emotions. Strongly recommend this book!!! I received the book for honest review.


Amy gives Angel Falling (The Falling Series Book 1)

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