REVIEW – Nathan’s Choice by C.K. Long

Book Title - Nathan's Choice

Author - C.K. Long

Stars - 4 stars

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Nathan Parker, a ladies man to his core, had no desire to settle down. That was until he met a blue-eyed bombshell with chestnut hair. Suddenly things he has never felt or thought before began to emerge. His main thought, he wanted her… bad!

Child’s psychologist, Samantha Rodgers, is a force to be reckoned with, not just as a black belt in Taekwondo. When she tragically lost her mother nine years ago to cancer, she dedicated her life to bring down the surgical oncologist, Dr. David Wise, responsible.

Unable to keep himself from falling for her, Nathan will do whatever it takes to get close to Samantha, even help her expedite her revenge. Passion builds between them, almost suffocating them with yearning. Neither of them let anyone in, but couldn’t stop from pulling the other one close.

Darkness begins to surround them, threatening to extinguish the new unfamiliar flames that blaze between them. They are each other’s strength and weakness. Nathan’s choice is clear, Samantha and justice. However, the price could be higher than he can bear to pay.


This was a very interesting book. First off I just want to start with the thing that bothered me the most, I feel like the dialogue was very formal I guess is the right word I'm looking for, it seemed kind of stiff and not at all like people would talk in real life. Other than that I really enjoyed this book, there was romance, hot sex scenes, mystery, action, some crazy fighting moves from both the hero and the heroine. There were certain things in the story that I wasn't expecting that made me go : "oh my god really?! that is so cool!." Just a warning though it does end on a cliffhanger which leaves the life of one of the characters in jeopardy which has me curious as to what will happen in the second book.


Christine gives Nathan's Choice


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