REVIEW–Second Time Around by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Book Title - Second Time Around
Stars - 5
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A short story about love, loss and finding love again. Ronin Eastland has lost his love of 12 years in a drunk driving accident. Broken and devastated, Ronin retreats into his own world where he slowly succumbs to the pain of losing the only man he'd ever love. Maverick Holliday wakes up in a white room and finds out he's dead. If that's not bad enough, his twink-looking somewhat angel tells him he can go back to Ronin. There's just one catch-Maverick won't remember who he is. Sent back down to earth in the body of another man, Maverick Holliday--now Maverick Cruise, tends to the sick and needy-until a broken man winds up in his ER. Drawn to the widower, Maverick can't understand why he feels so close to Ronin Eastland. Will Maverick ever truly remember the love he and Ronin shared? Will fate bring them together for a second time around?

** spoiler alert ** This is a short story written by one of my all time favorite authors. It is very different from the Assassin/shifter-12 Olympians and the Men of Manhattan series'. You can instantly tell it is still her, her style of writing is unmistakable. I loved everything about this book except the length. It was over too quick! But it is a very sweet tale of second chances and soulmates. Ronin had loved Maverick Holliday since the first day of college. They had the kind of love that poets write about. Everyone has a guardian angel. One day, Maverick's wasn't watching and he was killed by a drunk driver. Yes, people die at all ages, but this wasn't Mav's time to die. When he reached heaven, he was told he could go back. Be put in a body when the soul left it. He looked a lot like Maverick, even had the same first name. But the catch was that he wouldn't remember his past. They would be put near each other, but they might not find each other. It was worth the risk for Mav. Ronin wasn't doing well since his death. They do come across each other and Ronin is shocked at the similarities. When they come together, Maverick gets his memories back. Those great, earth moving loves sometimes do get a second chance, if the heavens allow it.
Heidi gives Second Time Around

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