REVIEW–Chance Encounter by Alex Tempura

Book Title - Chance Encounter

Author - Alex Tempura

Stars - 3

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Charles “Chance” Endicott is a Police Chief of small town, Round River, who likes to also go on patrol with his officers. Though confident in his job, he lacks self-esteem when it comes to looking at himself in the mirror. A painful past broke him down and he doubts his worth as a man, as a person.

Evan Manetti is a lawyer who wants to get away from the big city life as a partner in a lucrative law firm to settle down and open his own practice in Round River. Oh, yeah, he’s also the town’s new Mayor. And he’s trying to keep his past as far away from him as possible.

One encounter paves the way for a formidable friendship that gives them the basis for what both men truly need – love and each other.


Ok, so I read a lot of reviews for this and they were fairly negative so I wanted to read it for myself. I got it as a free read, so I had nothing to lose. It wasn't bad. It was filled with the things I love- hot police chief, hot mayor/lawyer/doctor, cute setting, you get my drift. I felt the believe factor was on the low side, but the story was pretty good. Chance Endicott is the police chief of Round River. He has been damaged by marriage to a sadist/jerk. Chance was never into the BDSM scene as a whole, but his ex husband thought of himself as a Master. He was so far from that, more a jerk and an evil mean spirited bully. He tore Chance down with emotional abuse until Chance thought of himself as a loser, not good for anything. The only time he didn't feel that way was when he was in uniform. With help from an owner of a BDSM club, Chance eventually got divorced. Everyone loves chance in the small town. The Mayor is stepping down, so he appoints a friend of his from college who is a lawyer/Doctor from Manhattan. His friend Even wants out of the city, so it works for both. Evan meets Chance when he gets to town in a storm and is driving too slow. They hit it off quickly, but Chances self esteem is in need of an overhaul. Evan is more than happy to help Chance and prove to him that he matters and is worthy to be loved. Evan's only secret is that he was a doctor before his father attacked him and tried to kill him. There is some drama when it comes time to meet the families, but some revelations come out of that. When Chances ex tries to get Chance to come back to him because he wants to use him for money, Chance and Evan are attacked and Chance ends up saving Evan's life and Evan ends up ending the ex's. This story may read a little corny, but it is a quick read and parts of it are very cute. It does have potential, the pieces are there and I did enjoy it.

Heidi gives Chance Encounter

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