Review See You In the Morning by A.T. Weaver

Jake and Dave lived and loved for over fifty years. During that time, they campaigned for gay rights. They married each other three times until, finally, in 2013, the United States Supreme Court declared DOMA to be unconstitutional and thus legalized their union. 

They made a family and raised four beautiful children together.
When he loses Dave to a massive stroke, Jake feels he world has ended.  Join him as he relives a life
well-lived throught memories triggered by photos of his and Dave's years together

I am a straight great-grandmother living alone with my cat, Cleopatra, in an independent living facility for the elderly. I have four children ranging in age from 49 to 36, ten grandchildren ranging from 33 to 7, and one great-grandson age 4.

I started writing gay love stories in 2003 after meeting over 3,000 gay men on line who educated me to the plight of the LGBT community in America.

I’ve been told that because I believe gays can be Christian I’m going to Hell – well, I’d rather be there with my gay friends than in Heaven with some of the people who judge them. 

This was my first M/M novel. I was impressed it was written by a great grandmother!
This story was well written. It had good, strong characters, dealing with real life
circumstances. It's the story of Jake and Dave and their beautiful love story. They
came from different worlds. It tells of their struggles and how they ended up raising
four children and having a wonderful marriage. But it today! You will love it! 
Sassy gives See You In the Morning

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