Review-Of High Treason by Ember Shane

Of High Treason Book Title – Of High Treason
Author – Ember Shane
Publisher -
ISBN/ASIN - 1492793159
Genre - Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction

When Doyle Hawthorne first discovered the truth behind his royal lineage, he couldn't have imagined a worse fate. In fact, rubbing elbows with royalty, a government-created race of super zombies, could've been found at the top of his Not To Do list. Unfortunately, no one asked for his opinion before his induction into the royal court.
Now Doyle must come to terms with how his royal status endangers Addy, his pheromone-bonded mate. He realizes he needs more instruction in self-control than his current teacher can provide. Forced to seek out William, the long-standing alpha of the colony he'd helped free, he begs for assistance. This is no easy task as both William and Doyle possess a strong predisposition to lead. But if Doyle can survive the education, it could prove invaluable.
Of High Treason in the follow-up novel to Of Royal Descent and continues to follow Doyle Hawthorne and friends as they navigate their way through the volatile atmosphere of royal subculture.
Intended for audiences 18+ due to language and sexual content.



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Ember Shane
Ember Shane was born in Oak Ridge, TN, but currently resides with her son in southern Ohio. Although her past career choices range from beautician to professional women's football to an associates degree in nursing, her passion for writing has remained with her from youth. Of Royal Descent is her debut novel.

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Of High Treason by Ember Shane continues with Doyle’s story. He is a member to the zombie royalty. My heart broke for Doyle when he has to decide what course of action to take in order to keep Addy safe. Chuck struggles to make it through the second shade and Kai makes a tough decision also. In all of this emotional turmoil, a betrayal is uncovered and lives are at stake.

I read this book in one setting because I could not put it down. Ember had me tied up in knots wondering what was going to happen next. I am not normally a fan of zombie books, but I am so hooked on this series. I cannot wait for the next installment to come out.

I give this book a 5 star rating because it was just awesome. There are no other words that I could use to describe this story. I can only assume with the way this series keeps getting better that the next one is going to be another page turner.

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