Review-Rain Shadow by Tess Oliver

Rain Shadow Book 2 Book Title – Rain Shadow
Author – Tess Oliver
Publisher – Tess Oliver
Genre –

Luke 'Reno' Barringer knows that the deeper he is sucked into Dreygon Sharpe's world and the Bedlam MC, the harder it will be to get out alive. He has to go soon, but he won't leave without Angel, the girl who has taken control of his heart. Luke unwittingly impresses Dreygon with his abilities, and he decides a feigned loyalty to the club is their best chance at freedom. But if the secret he keeps from Angel is discovered before they are free, it will bring everything to a shattering end.
Angel Sharpe knows Luke is keeping something from her, but she also knows that nothing could shake her love for him. She believes that Luke will eventually gain her grandfather's trust and that she and Luke will leave the compound together. But as the layers of mystery peel away and the truth about Luke is revealed, Angel's dream unravels and she fears she may lose him forever.

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Tess Oliver
Tess Oliver is a teacher and writer who lives in California with her husband, kids and a small pack of pampered dogs. She loves horses, chocolate and Jane Austen books.

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Rain Shadow 2 by Tess Oliver was such a great installment. Luke finds himself being pulled further and further into Dreygon’s schemes. The chances that his identity will be found out are getting higher. In this installment, the reader gets a better understanding on the mission that ended with Luke being found outside of the Dreygon’s compound. It settled the curiosity that was bouncing around in my mind. There is a twist and surprise.
This book had me on the edge of my seat and salivating for more. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. It is one that I am sure I will reread multiple times. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Do not read this book until you read the first one or you will be a little lost.

Deborah Reviewed
5 stars

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