Review-Russian Prey by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Russian Prey (Assassin/Shifter, #8) Book Title – Russian Prey
Author – Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Publisher - Skull Blaster Publishing
Genre – Romance > M M Romance

Special Agent Keegan Ripley has watched, listened to and fantasized about the notorious Vicious Vince Markov for more than a decade. Now he has been assigned the task of going undercover in Rio to convince Markov to meet with FBI bosses about joining forces. After meeting Vince in a gay bar, Keegan finds that even his very close surveillance has left him completely unprepared for the man’s overwhelming sex appeal. Besides fighting his traitorous body, Keegan also has to deal with the fact that his crush is a complete and total ass.

Sexy, cold and unfeeling assassin Vince Markov is on a mission. He has been sent to Rio to kill Dario Nardozzi, a child killer whose number is up. He makes sure the psychopath knows he's in Rio, but it turns out that the biggest threat to Vince's well-being isn't Nardozzi - it's one Keegan Ripley. When he catches Vince's eye in a very big way, Vince is intrigued. But the beautiful Mr. Ripley isn’t interested and, thrown off his game, Vince has another mission: find out why in hell not!

Forced to work together, the mission becomes dangerous for both men. As they battle a madman and their own feelings, secrets are revealed, trusts are betrayed and lives are at stake. Vince's cold heart is in danger of melting and Keegan's resolve to resist Vince is buckling. Can a notoriously vicious killer and an FBI agent actually fall in love?

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 Sandrine Gasq-Dion

  I have been blessed in this life to not only have parents that support me, but kids that do as well. I grew up in a loving but "Old School" French household. My parents worked for the airlines (TWA) so I was able to see a lot of Europe as a kid. I moved to Seattle Washington at the age of 22 and stayed there for twelve years before moving to Alaska for a little over two. Fairbanks, AK was one hell of an experience and I wouldn't hesitate to go back! I spent a little over a year in South Carolina before moving back to Arizona. I then left for Kansas for five years and now reside in the South for another two years. I've been married to the military in one way or another for over half my life and wouldn't change a thing about it. Writing has become my fulltime job and I've never been so happy doing a job I love and being able to do it in my jammies. I plan on writing until I dry up and die. Hopefully, that won't happen soon!


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I was waiting for this one and was not disappointed at all! I loved this book because the story line was so different from the ones before. I could not put down this book and stayed up well into the night reading it. It is a very hot page turner.
Keegan Ripley has spent his entire FBI career watching and studying Vince Markov. He has always had a difficult life because he is small, gay, gets nervous boners, and stutters when he is flustered or scared. He was kidnapped by Dario Nardozzi along with his then partner Spencer. Spencer was shot to death in front of him and he was tortured until near death. The FBI made it look like he did die.

Vince Markov is the worlds best assassin. He learned to turn off his feeling of pain after he was imprisoned with his family. The only one to survive, he was taken in by a family friend and trained to be a lethal assassin, ridding the world of scum.
The Skull Blasters keep showing up at assignments all over the world only to find that Vince and his crew are at the same places. James Pruitt wants to bring in their team to work with the Skull Blasters, but Vince hates military after what was done to his family. Keegan has been training hard to bring them in through Vince. Keegan is just the type Vince goes for, so this may be their in to get the group to work with the team. But can Keegan reel Vince in without falling for him? The rest of the guys are afraid Vince will kill him instead.

Keegan follows Vince to Rio where Vince is working to assassinate Dario. When Keegan blows Vince off in a night club, it throws him for a loop because no man, or ladies for that matter, has ever said no to Vince. Since the divorce from the head of the Russian mob, Vince is unsure of what has gone wrong and he is off balance. After calling his ex and his son, Vince doubles his efforts. But at a different barm Keegan runs into trouble when trying to allude Vince. Dario's brother sees him and follows him out. Vince saves Keegan's life, and in exchange, convinces Keegan to help him bring Dario down. The heat is on, and they hightail it to the Blaster's safe house, where Keegan's resolve falters. Vince might get lucky, but now that Dario knows Keegan is not dead, he is coming for him. Can Keegan and Vince come together and bring Dario down? Or will Dario finish what he started to get the information that Keegan has protected his whole career? Will Vince walk away to protect Keegan? This high paced adrenaline ride is epic from the get go. And of course, the heat these two generate is off the charts. These books just get sexier with each new tale in the series, so jump on board and enjoy the steamy ride!

Heidi Reviewed
5 stars

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