REVIEW/BLOG TOUR - Chained To You by SK Fordham

Title:  Chained To You, Chained Series Book 2

Author:  SK Fordham
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  July 31, 2014
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Stella Howard is chained, chained to her past and chained by her present.
 Dean quests to save Stella, to show her that he loves her and wants to be in her life.
But Deans’ own past catches up to him and threatens to destroy all that he now cares about before he has the chance to love freely.

 Will others cruel intentions stop love from growing? Or will love conquer?

I received a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review. I won't give away any spoilers, but I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a great suspense/romance novel. This book picks up where the first one left off with Stella's abduction and the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster from there. The author kept me guessing until the very last page can not wait to read more of her work!

I just thought I liked Chained to You 1. Chained to You Book 2 by SK Fordham was an awesome way to continue the story. The twist in the beginning has you believing that there will only be sunshine and roses for the rest of the story. Wrong!!! 

Stella’s emotions are very confusing for her in this book. You will see why once you get good and into the book. This story will have you falling in love with not only Dean, but also with Carl and Brendon. I love the way Dean is there to help the boys show the love they have for their father. 

Just when you think they are on the way to a happily ever after, another monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix. Will Stella make it through this time? You will have to read the book to find out. I give this book 4 stars****. It is gripping, sweet and thoroughly enjoyable.

SK Fordham is a wife, mother and nurse. SK grew up in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne Australia.

SK loves handbags, chocolate, dancing and all forms of hot drinks.
SK would love to hear from her fans.

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